FMW TNT Championship
Last champion Hostyle
Date won May 21, 2008
Promotion Full Metal Wrestling
Brand Alchemy
Date created October 19, 2007
Date retired June 13, 2008
Other name(s)
Past design(s)
First champion Gabriel Lance
Most reigns N/A
Most defenses VanGuard (1 defense)
Longest reign Neutron Star (80 days)
Shortest reign Hostyle (23 days)

The Full Metal TNT Championship was a professional e-wrestling championship in Full Metal Wrestling (FMW). It was the second highest ranked championship on the Alchemy brand before being retired by Hostyle.

The title was known for it's "viewer's choice" stipulation, which allowed fans to vote for the future challenger by an internet poll.

The official theme song of the championship was "TNT" by AC/DC.


After a full year since the inception of the C-4 Division Championship, Alchemy had established itself as the place to see explosive matches full of non-stop action. To gain some more bang for its buck, Alchemy added the TNT Championship as its second singles championship.

Originally, the championship would be contested in multi-man match-ups full of ticking time-bomb action. The champion would have to prepare for wrestling numerous opponents in every defense, all vying for the championship he would hold.

The inaugural TNT Championship match was contested in the main event at the Ultimatum pre-show. Gabriel Lance was able to defeat Neutron "Supernova" Star, Orochi, and Mass Chaos to become the first TNT Champion on November 1, 2007.

After Lance's win, the decision was made to change the title's stipulation. The TNT Championship became a "viewer's choice" championship, which allowed fans the chance to vote for the future challenger via an internet poll.

On May 21, 2008 at Alchemy 6.2, FMW CEO Jaro awarded Hostyle (who also reigned as C-4 Division Champion) with the TNT Championship after former champion VanGuard put in his notice. Holding the top titles on Alchemy, Hostyle blew up the title with TNT, effectively retiring the championship.

Championship history

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Gabriel Lance Neutron Star,
Orochi, and
Mass Chaos
Ultimatum Pre-Show
(November 1, 2007)
• Won in a Fatal Four-Way Match to crown first TNT Champion • None
Neutron Star Gabriel Lance Alchemy 5.2
(December 30, 2007)
• None • None
VanGuard Neutron Star, Gabriel Lance, Steve Zanoni, Hannibal Frost, and Bobino Death Row
(March 19, 2008)
• Won in 6-Way Ladder Match def. Neutron Star at Alchemy 6.1
Hostyle - Alchemy 6.2
(May 21, 2008)
• Named new champion by CEO Jaro
• Retired championship at Alchemy 6.3
• None

List of Combined Reigns

Rank Wrestler # Of Reigns Combined Days
1. Neutron Star 1 80
2. VanGuard 1 63
3. Gabriel Lance 1 59
4. Hostyle 1 23

List of Individual Reigns

Rank Wrestler # Of Days
1. Neutron Star 80
2. VanGuard 63
3. Gabriel Lance 59
4. Hostyle 23

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