G-2 Wrestling
Federation Name G-2 Wrestling
Abbreviation G-2
Weekly Show Full Throttle
Time Open December 2007 -
Owner(s) Kyle Williams
Commissioner(s) N/A
General Manager(s) N/A
Commentators Tim Owens and Rhett Malcom
Backstage Interviewer(s) Mike Trent and Amber
Based In Galveston, Texas
Federation Type Roleplay Based
SuperShows and Pay Per Views Every Six Weeks
Website G-2

G-2 Wrestling is a wrestling promotion based in Galveston, Texas. It was founded by former R4GE General Manager Jimmy Chisel.


G-2 Wrestling was founded in the wake of the closure of the promotion Pro Wrestling R4GE in October 2007. Jimmy Chisel had spent some time traveling after the closure of R4GE and returned back to his ranch outside of Galveston, Texas where he had some years previously built a studio in the hopes of one day running a wrestling promotion out of it. With a vacuum since the closure of R4GE, Chisel had many contacts who were currently out of work and so he decided to put the plan into action.

G-2 held it's first show from the G-2 Studio on the 11th of January 2008.

G-2's first SuperShow, The Golden Gauntlet was held at the Galveston Armory on the 2nd of March 2008 and saw G-2 crown it's first G-2 Heavyweight Champion. Duros defeated Ken Fuqua to win that honor.

G-2 returned to the Galveston Armory on June 1st for Duros vs. Fuqua

G-2 held it's first Pay Per View entitled Triple Threat at the Beaumont Arena in Beaumont, Texas on December 7th 2008. The PPV was headlined by Nick Maggio defending his G-2 Heavyweight Championship against Duros and Logan Gable. This match saw Logan Gable capture his first G-2 Heavyweight Championship.

The foundation of G-2 Wrestling was rocked on October 23rd, 2009 when Kyle Williams called out owner Jimmy Chisel to the ring. After some back and forth banter, Kyle Williams revealed that he was the legitimate owner and President of G-2 Wrestling. It had been a masquerade to keep Jimmy Chisel from losing face. Before that could sink in, Kyle Williams shocked the wrestling world by firing Jimmy Chisel in front of his hometown. Kyle Williams has assumed absolute power of G-2 and Jimmy Chisel has not been seen since.

Full Throttle

G-2's weekly television program, Full Throttle broadcasts every Friday and offers the fans a chance to catch the latest G-2 matches and storylines. It is presented by Tim Owens and Rhett Malcom. The Ring Announcer is George Kingston. Full Throttle is recorded in the G-2 Studio on The Jimmy Chisel Ranch. As of March 5th, G-2 will begin touring the state of Texas, taping Full Throttle from different cities.



The Infection [defunct]

The Final Testament [defunct]

Vulgar Display of Power [defunct]


  • G-2 Heavyweight Champion - Nightmare
  • G-2 Openweight Champion - "The Golden One" Timothy DeClair
  • G-2 Television Champion - Chad Michaels


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