The Extreme Chaos Championship is Global Extreme Wrestling's hardcore division title, competed for exclusively under hardcore rules matches. During its tenure the title has been contested in a thumbtack match, a Taipei death match, an I Quit match, a TLC match, and a no-disqualification iron man match, among others. It has been active continuously since June 2006. Thirteen different individuals are currently recognised as former or current Extreme Chaos Champions by GEW.

The current champion is Mark Chapman, who is in his third reign.


The Extreme Chaos Championship was initially conceived by K.C. McGrath in the spring of 2006 (although an 'Extreme Championship' has been mooted in early 2005, it ultimately came to nothing). Triple H made the announcement of the title's introduction at GEW Deadly Game 2006. At the same event McGrath would go on to defeat Carlito in a thumbtack match, with Randy Orton as guest referee, to win the championship. He remained associated with the championship for the rest of 2006, feuding successively with Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Triple H. Edge would prove to be the first champion not directly involved with McGrath, and McGrath was similarly uninvolved during the reigns of Bay-B Dogg, the first female Extreme Chaos Champion, and Kade Morrigan. In autumn 2007 Morrigan was forced to vacate the belt due to injuries. The man who inflicted those injuries, Randy Orton, attempted to claim the title as his own, but was defeated by McGrath's friend UK when Randy's sister Becky threw the towel in during the deciding match. Since then Orton moved on to the GEW World Heavyweight Championship, and many other GEW stars including Troy Gafgen, Rhys Matterson and Sah'ta Thor would unsuccessfully challenge Legend for the Extreme Chaos Championship. UK's long reign was eventually ended by Lucy Taylor, the second woman to hold the title, in a triangle death bed match also involving Zanatos. Taylor would lose the championship to Chase, giving him a record third reign, but the physical title was stolen and burned by Curt Evans directly following the match. Evans announced that he was replacing the title with the Independent No Limits Championship; since that time, both have been acknowledged as active titles by GEW owner Shawn Michaels and the Extreme Chaos Championship has been redesigned. Following Chase's broken neck at the hands of X-ecutioner at Collision Course 2008, he donated the title to his protégé Lee Wong to defend on Chase's behalf. They were considered effective co-champions until such a time as Wong lost the title or Chase returned to active competition. Mark Chapman defeated Wong at GEW Pushed to the Limit 2008 in a last man standing match to claim the championship, but then-General Manager Shane McGrath denied him the title as the match had not been scheduled to be for the title. Wong was later beaten up by Chapman and Gafgen and removed from active competition, but Chapman would fail to claim the title in a match against number one contender Baby Dogg, who defeated Gafgen and Devin Rhys some months earlier for this. He later defeated her in an I Quit match at Boiling Point 2008, Dogg quitting when Chapman and Gafgen threatened to injure Reese Black, who herself had interfered to try and help Dogg. Chapman's first defence was against his bandmate and ally Scott Simmonds, which saw Simmonds claiming the championship in a moment reminiscent of the Fingerpoke of Doom, although Chapman later reclaimed the belt after turning on Simmonds, prompting the latter's exit from GEW. It was announced shortly before Extreme Extravaganza 2009 that Chapman would face a mystery opponent for the championship. Despite clues leading up to the event suggesting Wong's return, it in fact proved to be the returning Simmonds, who defeated Chapman in a no-holds-barred match to become the new champion. Simmonds went on to successfully defend his title against the likes of Klown and Scott Walker before losing it to Bucky Skyler. Skyler in turn lost the title to Gabriella, his then girlfriend. When Gabriella was injured, the title was vacated and Kameron Chase defeated Troy Gafgen to enter his record fourth reign. at Extreme Extravaganza 2010, Chase lost the title to his cousin Chapman, who had recently returned from a suspension instigated by Chase himself. Following the match, the warring cousins made up.

List of Champions

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Days held: Location: Event: Notes:
Sortable list of GEW Extreme Chaos Champions
1 K.C. McGrath 1 28th June, 2006 81 Unknown GEW Deadly Game 2006 Defeated Carlito to be crowned inaugural champion. Randy Orton was guest referee.
2 (Vacated) (1) 17th September, 2006 49 Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada GEW Collision Course 2006 Vacated by Jim Cornette when a concrete cage match between K.C. McGrath and Shawn Michaels ended in a no-contest
3 Jeff Hardy 1 5th November, 2006 25 Georgia Dome, Atlanta GA, USA GEW Pushed To The Limit 2006 Defeated Chris Jericho in a tournament final to win the vacant championship.
4 K.C. McGrath 2 30th November, 2006 24 Fargo Dome, Fargo ND, USA GEW Chaos -
5 Triple H 1 24th December, 2006 18 AlamoDome, San Antonio TX, USA GEW Winter Bash 2006 This was originally a 60-minute iron man match for both McGrath's Extreme Chaos Championship and Triple H's GEW World Heavyweight Championship. When the match ran to a 2-2 draw, Triple H announced that each belt would be contested separately in sudden death overtime. Triple H won the first fall and the Extreme Chaos Championship. McGrath won the second fall and the GEW World Heavyweight Championship.
6 Edge 1 11th January, 2007 87 Unknown GEW Chaos -
7 Bay-B Dogg 1 8th April, 2007 42 KC Stadium, Hull, England GEW Extreme Extravaganza 2007 -
8 Kade Morrigan 1 20th May, 2007 102 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan GEW Deadly Game 2007 -
9 (Vacated) (2) 30th August, 2007 16 Unknown GEW Chaos Vacated due to injuries suffered by Morrigan at the hands of Randy Orton the previous week.
10 Unknow. 1 16th September, 2007 309 Scottrade Center, St. Louis MO, USA GEW Collision Course 2007 Defeated Randy Orton to win the vacant championship.
11 Lucy Taylor 1 20th July, 2008 34 NEC Arena, Birmingham, England GEW Chaos Pinned both UK and Zanatos in a triple threat death bed match.
12 Kameron Chase 3 24th August, 2008 77 Rose Garden, Portland OR, USA GEW Payback 2008 Following the match, Curt Evans stole and burned the belt in order to replace it with the Independent No Limits Championship, but Chase had a new belt made.
13 Lee Wong 1 25th October, 2008 15 Pittsburgh PA, USA N/A After Chase was injured by X-ecutioner, Chase donated the belt to Wong to defend on his behalf. Chase and Wong are considered co-champions for the duration of Wong’s reign.
14 (Vacated) (3) 9th November, 2008 <1 Resch Center, Green Bay WI, USA GEW Chaos Vacated due to injuries suffered Wong at the hands of Mark Chapman and Troy Gafgen.
15 Baby Dogg 2 9th November, 2008 20 Resch Center, Green Bay WI, USA GEW Chos Defeated Mark Chapman in a submission match to win the vacant championship.
16 Mark Chapman 1 30th November, 2008 19 Freedom Hall, Louisville KY, USA GEW Boiling Point 2008 -
17 Scott Simmonds 1 19th December, 2008 35 Scottrade Center, St. Louis MO, USA GEW Chaos Chapman fell down and allowed himself to be pinned after fellow Critical Acclaim member Simmonds sneezed on him.
18 Mark Chapman 2 23rd January, 2009 93 N/A N/A Chapman turned on and attacked Simmonds after Simmonds failed to defeat James Magnum, leaving Simmonds unable to compete. Chapman then claimed the Extreme Chaos Championship as his own.
19 Scott Simmonds 2 26th April, 2009 168 Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh PA, USA GEW Extreme Extravaganza 2009 This was a Mystery Opponent match which saw Simmonds make his return to GEW.
20 Bucky Skyler 1 11th October, 2009 42 Qwest Center, Omaha NE, USA GEW Collision Course 2009 - Defeated Scott Simmonds in a Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match.
21 Gabriella 1 - 111 - - -
22 (Vacated) (4) - 1 - - Vacated due to injuries suffered by Gabriella following a car accident.
23 Kameron Chase 4 - 42 - - - Defeated Troy Gafgen to win the vacant championship.
24 Mark Chapman 3 - 85+ days, as of 18/07/2010 - GEW Extreme Extravaganza 2010 -


List of Champions by Combined Reign Length

# Wrestler: Reigns: Days held:
Sortable list of GEW Extreme Chaos Champions by Combined Reign Length
1 UK 1 309
2 Scott Simmonds 2 203
3 Kameron Chase 3 182
4 Mark Chapman 2 112
5 Kade Morrigan 1 102
6 Edge 1 87
7 Baby Dogg 2 62
8 Lucy Taylor 1 34
9 Jeff Hardy 1 25
10 Triple H 1 18
11 Lee Wong 1 15
12 Bucky Skyler 1 5+, as of 15/10/09

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