The GEW Omega Championship, formerly known as the GEW United States Championship, the GEW Canadian Championship and the GEW Fuck The World Championship, is Global Extreme Wrestling's secondary tier title. It has been active since 2001, albeit with periods of being vacant.

Due to the GEW records fire in May 2006, much of the information on the title prior to that date is unknown; this page only lists champions from early 2005 onwards as information from prior to that point is too sketchy to be reliable. In addition to the reigns below, Knuckles is known to be a former champion. Currently, and pending further records being discovered, GEW management only recognises reigns by Knuckles and Edge prior to those on the list below. Twenty-four different individuals are currently recognised as former or current Omega Champions by GEW, the most of any singles championship in the company.

The current champion is Bucky Skyler, who is in his first reign with the belt.


Almost nothing is known about the United States Championship from before January 2005, other than the fact it was one of GEW's two secondary tier titles, along with the GEW Intercontinental Championship, and that Edge had held the belt twice by that point and that Knuckles had held it at least once.

In the first surviving episode of GEW Chaos, GEW owner Triple H announced a hardcore best-of-seven series for the vacant title between Christopher Daniels and Chris Benoit. The following week Daniels defeated Benoit in a ladder match to go 1-0, but Benoit apparently left GEW shortly afterwards. Daniels went on to face Batista for the title instead and, in extremely brutal 30-minute iron man match with barbed wire ropes, Batista captured the first of his two recorded United States Championships. Batista went on to feud with the Hidden Fears stable members Triple H, Edge and Undertaker over the championship, and the feud was in full swing when GEW seemingly took a hiatus over the summer of 2005.

By the time the title shows up again following GEW's return it is the Canadian Championship and in the possession of Christian, and at the centre of a feud between Christian and The Rock. When The Rock wins the championship, he renames it the United States Championship. However the final champion of GEW's old era would prove to be Randy Orton, who defeated Kurt Angle for the vacant title to finally acquire his first singles championship in GEW.

When the new-era GEW returned some months later, Orton was once again involved with the championship, this time opposing Mick Foley in a feud also involving Edge. Foley became the first United States Champion of the new era at Deadly Game 2006 after body dropping Edge through a flaming table, but would lose the title to Orton a month later in a no-disqualification match which saw Orton having to pin Foley only once to win, but Foley having to pin Orton three times to retain. Foley went 2-1 in the match and thus Orton became new champion.

Orton in turn would lose the title to Petey Williams, who once more renamed the title the Canadian Championship, drawing opposition from both Edge and Undertaker. This came to a head in a triple threat match won by Edge, after which he and Williams revealed that they had been in cahoots all along and announced the formation of their new stable Team Canada. Undertaker eventually reclaimed the title from Team Canada and renamed it the United States Championship once more. The war would finally come to a head in a fatal fourway, with Edge and Williams representing Team Canada and the defending Undertaker representing the USA but it was wild card Ryan Gracie who ended up walking away with the title. Undertaker had promised GEW that if he failed to retain his title, he would retire from GEW forever. Edge and Williams double-teamed and pinned Undertaker, but before he left the ring, the lights went out briefly. When they returned Williams was gone, and the match continued as a singles match between Edge and Gracie. Neither Undertaker nor Williams has been heard from in GEW since.

Gracie was unseated by The Karnevil's leader Klown, who renamed it the Fuck The World Championship, and who in turn was defeated by Tony Wright during their bitter feud which occupied much of early 2007. Wright threw down both the Fuck The World Championship and the GEW Chaos Undisputed Championship shortly before Extreme Extravaganza 2007 as a gesture of his intent to win the GEW World Heavyweight Championship at that event, a promise he made good on by defeating Klown.

The title remained vacant and off screens until the summer, when it was brought back to replace the now-retired International Championship (formerly the Intercontinental Championship), under the new name the Omega Championship and a promotion to the company's secondary-tier championship. Adam Cage became the first person to hold the championship under its new name after defeating Sah'ta Thor. Cage successively defended the title over the next half a year against a number of competitors including Randy Orton and The Outlaw, before being defeated by Angelus Archer. Archer himself soon vanished however, leaving the Omega Championship vacant once again.

The recently returned BaY-B Dogg defeated Dane Jerrus at Auld Land Syne 2008 and went on to face International Champion Kirsten in a unification ladder match at Extreme Extravaganza 2008. However, the match ended when Kirsten grabbed the Omega championship and Dogg grabbed the International Championship (which had been reinstated three months earlier by returning owner Triple H), effectively drawing the match and thus preventing the titles from being unified.

Kirsten was eventually defeated by Melissa Michaels, sister of new owner Xavier Michaels, at GEW Bloodbath 2008. However Michaels' reign was short as she voluntarily retired from active competition, having been raped (a crime which remains unsolved, although the prime suspect is still Kameron Chase) and feeling unable to compete at full psychological strength.

Scott Savage defeated Zanatos to win the vacant championship. The battle between Zanatos and Savage raged for months, with hedonistic Satanist Savage trying to encourage the restrained Zanatos to become more aggressive and impulsive. Zanatos would eventually do as Savage wished, albeit by attacking Savage and leaving him a bloody mess, but failed to capture the title. Following this, Savage claimed that he was sick of facing people who couldn't beat him, and that he wished for a greater challenge. Savage was eventually defeated by the veteran Stryfe in the latter's GEW debut, who subsequently managed to defend the championship against nemesis Ryan Havoc, before losing it to his own tag team partner Reese Black. Black went onto retain the championship (in the longest reign on record) in successive feuds with Gabriella and Morgan Greene until finally losing the title to Gabriella in a triple threat match involving all three women. Gabriella would go on to lose the title in a triple threat match, when Arata Tanaka and Tommy Rogue pinned her at the same time to become co-champions. Tanaka and Rogue engaged in a feud to determine the sole champion, which - after successive draws and no-contests - was finally won by Rogue. Rogue held the title for a lengthy reign but was later sidelined due to injury. Faline Reynolds defended the title for him against Bucky Skyler, but was unsuccessful.

List of Champions

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Days held: Location: Event: Notes:
Sortable list of GEW Omega Champions
1 (Vacated) (1) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown At the first point the United States Championship is listed on surviving GEW records, it is vacant. Christopher Daniels and Chris Benoit are listed as competing in the first two matches of a best-of-seven series for the vacant title. However, Benoit was apparently released from GEW before this series could be concluded.
2 Batista 1 2 February 2005 25 Unknown GEW Chaos Defeated Christopher Daniels in a no-ropes barbed wire 30 minute iron man match to win the vacant title.
3 Edge 3 27 February 2005 3 Unknown GEW Hell on Earth 2005 -
4 Batista 2 2 March 2005 7 Unknown GEW Chaos This was a match in which if Edge was disqualified or counted out, the title would change hands. Jeff Hardy tricked the referee into thinking Edge had cheated.
5 Undertaker 1 9 March 2005 Unknown Unknown GEW Chaos -
6 (Vacated) (2) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Records between the 9th of March and the 10th of September no longer exist. At some point during this time, GEW went on a brief hiatus, and the title was vacated.
7 Christian 1 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown When records pick up again, Christian is already holding the title under the name the GEW Canadian Championship.
8 The Rock 1 10 September 2005 5 Unknown GEW Chaos Following the match, The Rock reverted the name of the title to the GEW United States Championship.
9 Christian 2 15 September 2005 5 Unknown GEW Inferno -
10 The Rock 2 20 September 2005 8 Unknown GEW Chaos This was a triple threat hell in a cell match also involving Victoria.
11 Undertaker 2 28 September 2005 Unknown Unknown GEW Chaos -
12 (Vacated) (3) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Vacated for unknown reasons.
13 Randy Orton 1 16 October 2005 Unknown Unknown GEW Pushed to the Limit 2005 Defeated Kurt Angle to win the vacant title.
14 (Vacated) (4) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Vacated when GEW went on hiatus.
15 Mick Foley 1 28 June 2006 25 Unknown GEW Deadly Game 2006 Defeated Edge to win the vacant championship.
16 Randy Orton 2 23 July 2006 21 KC Stadium, Hull, England GEW Extreme Extravaganza 2006 -
17 Petey Williams 1 13 August 2006 35 Unknown GEW Payback 2006 Following the match, Williams rechristened the title the GEW Canadian Championship.
18 Edge 4 17 September 2006 4 Belle Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada GEW Collision Course 2006 This was a triple threat Texas deathmatch also involving Undertaker. Following the match, Edge and Williams revealed they were allies and introduced their Team Canada stable.
19 Petey Williams 2 21 September 2006 45 Unknown GEW Chaos After being forced to defend the title against Williams by Jim Cornette, Edge allowed Williams to pin him.
20 Undertaker 3 5 November 2006 49 Georgia Dome, Atlanta GA, USA GEW Pushed to the Limit 2006 Undertaker reverted the name of the title to the GEW United States Championship.
21 Ryan Gracie 1 24 December 2006 36 AlamoDome, San Antonio TX, USA GEW Winter Bash 2006 This was a fatal fourway elimination match also involving Edge and Petey Williams. Edge and Williams eliminated Undertaker. Undertaker eliminated Williams. Gracie eliminated Edge. Undertaker had added the stipulation that if he was beaten, he would never reappear on GEW programming. Following his elimination the arena darkened, and when the lights returned both Undertaker and Williams had vanished. Neither has ever been seen since in GEW.
22 Klown 1 21 January 2007 35 U.S. Airways Center, Phoenix AZ, USA GEW New Year’s Revolution 2007 Following the match, Klown rechristened the title the GEW Fuck The World Championship.
23 Tony Wright 1 25 February 2007 36 GEW Arena, Hell MI, USA GEW Hell on Earth 2007 This was a two fall match also for Wright’s GEW Chaos Undisputed Championship. Wright won both falls and thus both titles.
24 (Vacated) (5) 2 April 2007 108 Unknown GEW Mojo Wright vacated both the Fuck The World Championship and the GEW Chaos Undisputed Championship as a sign of his intent to capture the GEW World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Extravaganza 2007. The title was left vacant for several months but not officially retired. Upon its return, it was rechristened the Omega Championship.
25 Adam Cage 1 29 July 2007 124 Stadium, City, State, Country GEW Open Season 2007 This was a fatal fourway elimination match also involving Sah’ta Thor, Scott Owens and Tha Serial Thrilla. Owens eliminated both himself and Thrilla by spearing Thrilla into electrical equipment. Cage eliminated Thor to win the vacant title.
26 Angelus Archer 1 30 November 2007 32 Unknown GEW Chaos -
27 (Vacated) (6) 1 January 2008 25 N/A N/A Vacated when Archer was released from the company.
28 BaY-B Dogg 1 26 January 2008 56 Unknown GEW Auld Lang Syne 2008 Defeated Dane Jerrus in a hardcore match to win the vacant title. Dogg's original scheduled opponent was Jeff Hardy, but he missed his flight.
29 Kirsten 1 22 March 2008 99 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas NV, USA GEW Extreme Extravaganza 2008 This was a unification ladder match for Dogg’s Omega Championship and Kirsten’s GEW International Championship. Dogg and Kirsten simultaneously retrieved each other’s belts, meaning the titles switched hands rather than being vacated.
30 Melissa Michaels 1 29 June 2008 21 Philips Arena, Atlanta GA, USA GEW Bloodbath 2008 This was a triple threat match also involving Trent Jackson.
31 (Vacated) (7) 20 July, 200? 7 Unknown GEW Chaos Vacated when Michaels temporarily retired from active competition.
32 Scott Savage 1 27 July 2008 91 Stadium, City, State, Country GEW Open Season 2008 Defeated Zanatos to win the vacant title.
33 Stryfe 1 26 October 2008 53 Target Center, City, State, Country GEW Pushed to the Limit 2008 -
34 Reese Black 1 18 December 2008 255 Unknown GEW Chaos -
35 Gabriella 1 30 August 2009 42 AT&T Center, San Antonio TX, USA GEW Enemy Territory 2009 This was a triple threat match also involving Morgan Greene.
36a Arata Tanaka and Tommy Rogue 1 11 October 2009 42 Qwest Center, Omaha NE, USA GEW Collision Course 2009 This was a triple threat match. Tanaka and Rogue unwittingly pinned Gabriella at the same time, making them co-champions.
36b Tommy Rogue 1 - 154 - - Rogue defeated Tanaka to become solo champion. Rogue was co-champion with Tanaka for 42 days and solo champion for 112 days.
37 Bucky Skyler 1 - 127+, as of 18/07/2010 - - Defeated Faline Reynolds, who was defending the title on behalf of the injured Rogue.


  • Most Reigns - Edge - 4
  • Longest Total Combined Reigns - Reese Black - 255 days
  • Heaviest Champion - Troy Gafgen - 325 lbs / 145 kg
  • Lightest Champion - Reese Black - 110 lbs / 50 kg

List of Champions by Combined Reign Length

Note that this table only covers those reigns for which the total number of days is known.

# Wrestler: Reigns: Days held:
Sortable list of GEW Omega Champions by Combined Reign Length
1 Reese Black 1 255
2 Bucky Skyler 1 146+
3 Adam Cage 1 124
4 Kirsten 1 99
5 Scott Savage 1 91
6 Petey Williams 2 80
7 BaY-B Dogg 1 56
8 Stryfe 1 53
9 Undertaker 3 (1 counts towards this list) 49
10 Gabriella 1 42
11 Ryan Gracie 1 36
12 Tony Wright 1 36
13 Klown 1 35
14 Angelus Archer 1 32
15 Batista 2 32
16 Mick Foley 1 25
17 Melissa Michaels 1 21
18 Randy Orton 2 (1 counts towards this list) 21
19 The Rock 2 13
20 Edge 4 (2 count towards this list) 7
21= Arata Tanaka 1 5+, as of 15/10/2009
21= Tommy Rogue 1 5+, as of 15/10/2009
22 Christian 2 (1 counts towards this list) 5

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