Gods and Heretics Wrestling's January Pay Per View.

Lockdown 2007

GHW Lockdown 2007
Promotion Gods and Heretics Wrestling
Date 21st January, 2007
Arena Blue Cross Arena Rochester, New York, New York.
Pay-per-view chronology
D-Day 2006
Lockdown 2007
Dawn of Destruction 2007

VOW Results


1. Streetfight Match Air King v. Matthew Oliveira (Single-1-1-1 staff) Winner: Matthew Oliveira

2. Sergeant Championship Cronus (c) v. Dormouse (Cage-docs) Winner and new Sergeant Champion: Dormouse


1. Money in the Bank Rumble Malcriado Beast v. The amazing Noe v. Human Wreckingball v. Swamtom Bomber v. DarkLight v. DM Punk v. Hyperion v. Muhammad Hassan (docs only) Winner: Muhammad Hassan

2. Lieutenant Championship Hayden HardKore v. John Triton (Single-docs) Winner and new Champion: John Triton


1. No Holds Barred Match Rock II v. Rey 619 (Single-full staff) Winner: Rey 619

2. Ultimate Submission Match No Mercy v. Bigguns88 (Single-docs) Winner: Bigguns88

3. Captain Championship Smart Rocket (c) v. NochdFaol (Single-docs) Winner and still Captain Champion: Smart Rocket


1. StrikerLT v. RhynoMan (Iron Man) Winner: StrikerLT

2. Colonel Championship Lt. Commander Worf (c) v. Raju_The_Bomber v. Zantazm (Docs) Winner and new Colonel Champion: Zantazm


1. General Championship The Awakening (c) v. Dangerous Man Dan (Cage-docs) Winner and new General Champion: Dangerous Man Dan


1. Tag Team Championship Predators (c) v. The Krewe (SPWA gets 4 staff, PWO/SSWO docs only) Winners and new Tag Team Champions: The Krewe

RP Results

Match 1 Handicap Match Yce and Skorpio vs Undertaker

Winner: Undertaker (no show)

Match 2 Single Zach Anderson vs Jeff Hardy

Winner : Jeff hardy. Match 3 Triple Threat Emblem vs Trickshot vs Stevie Rock

Winner : Trickshot.

Stevie. Use bigger paragraphs to describe things that happen and watch your punctuality. Match 4 Submission Match (no DQ) Duece vs Soundlab

Winner : Soundlab

Match 5 Tag Team Match Young Bloods (HWB and XRD) vs Children of the Grave (Rocker and Gnarff)

Winner: Young Bloods via DQ

Match 6 Single Rouroni Kenshin vs The Game

Winner: Rorouni Kenshin Kobashi

Match 7 Singapore Cane on a pole Match Hawkeye vs Dave Carter Match 7: Hawk v Carter.

Winner: Hawkeye.

Match 8 Fatal Four Way Ladder Match (No Pin, No Submit reach briefcase with $10,000) Black Dragon vs Skull vs Lil Rey Rey vs Justin Michael

Winner : Justin

Match 9 Hardcore Match Jake Diamond vs Hyper Elf

Winner: Jake Diamond

Match 10 Backstage Brawl Hayden Hardkore vs Rhino

Winner: Hayden.

Match 11 TLC Match (Pin and Give Up) Alex Stall vs Giordano Jazz

Winner: Alex Stall

Pre Main Event Parking Lot Brawl 1,000 Light Tube Match Brett Steel vs Rattlesnake

Winner: Rattlesnake

Main Event Bull Rope Match Vladimir Strife vs Tai O’Neil

Winner: Vladimir Strife

Lockdown 2008

Scheduled for Sunday January 20th 2008

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