Global Impact Wrestling Harcore Championship
Current champion Jet Somers
Date won 12/4/10
Promotion Global Impact Wrestling
Brand(s) GIW Sentinel
Date created 8/3/08
First champion Chris Austin
Most reigns Chris Austin, Randy Boolzian (Tied with 1 a piece)
Most defenses Chris Austin(3 defenses)
Longest reign Chris Austin(102 days)
Shortest reign Randy Boolzian(<1 day as of 28/6/08)

The Global Impact Wrestling Hardcore Championship (GIW Hardcore Championship) is a third tier championship for Global Impact Wrestling.

Current Champion

The current champion is Randy Boolzian, who is in his first reign. He became champion at the GIW Guerrilla Warfare Pay-per-view on 28/6/08. He won a Hardcore Gauntlet match involving former champion Chris Austin, Andy Savana, Jack Ryans, and Sean Jensen. BoolZ, as he is affectionately known, last eliminated Andy Savana to win the match and the belt.

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Chris Austin Savage GIW Sentinel
• March 8, 2008
• Pinned Savage to win a Hardcore Battle Royal • def. Savage at GIW Black Axis • def. Savage at GIW No Holds Barred

• def. Donovan Hastings at GIW Toxic Intent

Randy Boolzian Andy Savana, Chris Austin, and Jack Ryans GIW Guerrilla Warfare
• June 28, 2008
• Eliminated Andy Savana last with the Star Gazer • def. Chris Austin at GIW In Your Hands • def. Andy Savana at GIW Ei8ht

• def. Chinatsu Chen at GIW Distant Whispers

Travis Roberts Alex Kiseragi and Randy Boolzian GIW Horizons 2008
• November 29, 2008
• def. Kiseragi and BoolZ in a Hell in a Cell Match • def. Boolz at GIW Infinity
Alex Kiseragi Travis Roberts GIW Infinity 2009
• February 15, 2009
• def. Roberts in an Impromptu Match • None
Travis Roberts(2) Alex Kiseragi GIW Sentinel
• February 22, 2009
• def. Kiseragi in a Ladder Match • def. Kiseragi at GIW Affirmative Action
• def. Gabrielle at GIW NHB:RS
• def. Hastings in an Ultimate Submission Match at GIW BftB
• def. Randy Boolzian at GIW Toxic Intent
• def. Moss Edwards at GIW Battleground
Donovan Hastings Travis Roberts GIW Horizons 2009
• December 15, 2009
• def. Roberts in a Last Man Standing Match • def. Raenius at Infinity
• def. Dirge at Dark Days
Jet Somers Tyvola UGWC Synergy
• April 12, 2010
• won a Battle Royal • None

GIW Titles
UndisputedGIW.ComTag TeamHardcoreWomen's

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