Toxic Intent
Promotion Global Impact Wrestling
Brand(s) GIW Sentinel
Date May 31, 2008
Venue United Center
City Chicago, Illinois
Pay-per-view chronology
GIW No Holds Barred Toxic Intent Guerrilla Warfare
GIW Toxic Intent chronology
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GIW Toxic Intent was an e-wrestling PPV that took place on May 31st, 2008 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The theme song for the event was 'Toxicity' by System Of A Down.


  • I Quit Match: Sean Jensen def. Levi Witham
    • Witham quit, while having his head crushed by a forklift.

  • Randy Boolzian def. Travis Roberts
    • Boolzian won via a pinfall, with a school boy roll up on Roberts.
    • After the match Cara Costello and savage offered Roberts a place in Global Domination. Roberts delivered the White Out to both Boolzian and Savage, taking neither side.

  • Dylan James w/Christina Adams def. Aragato
    • James delivered the J-5 to Aragato to win the match via pinfall.

  • GIW Women's Championship: Misery (c) def. Calypso Desmona
    • Misery delivered the Drop Into The Pit to win the match via pinfall.
    • Misery retained the GIW Women's Championship.

  • Andy Savana def. Brandon McSkinny.
    • Savana delivered the Schitzic Death Treatment to Skinny, to win via pinfall.

  • Komosube def. Jack Ryans
    • Komosube delivered the Kamikaze Smasher to Ryans, to win via pinfall.

  • GIW Hardcore Championship: Chris Austin (c) def. Donovan Hastings
    • Austin won via pinfall, with a roll up on Hastings.
    • Austin retained the GIW Hardcore Championship.

  • Global Heavyweight Championship: Lord Deathman def. Brandon Brown (c) w/Savage as Guest Enforcer
    • Lord Deathman delivered the Graveyard Effect to Brown, to win via pinfall.
    • Lord Deathman became the new Global Heavyweight Champion.