The Conquest is a match specifically used in the Global Wrestling Coalition to determine the next #1 contender for the GWC World Championship. It is essentially a Royal Rumble match, however each elimination can be made by pinfall or submission.


# Entrant Eliminated Eliminated By Method
1 Kid Hollywood 1 Derek Sitar Facebuster
2 Jamal Carter 2 Derek Sitar Roll-up
3 Derek Sitar 20 Reckless Jack Reckless Killing
4 Seth Hembree 3 Xavier Hudson Sand That Turns The Glass
5 Xavier Hudson 8 Outcast Mind Rager
6 Bobby Cairo 14Sitar, Jack, Clark Shining Wizard, Reckless Killing, Man of the Hour
7 The Emperor 6Derek Sitar Beartrap
8 Kevin Hardaway WINNER -- --
9 BA Monk 4Kevin Hardaway Williams Driver
10 Chrysta 7Outcast Piledriver
11 Andrew Storm 13Bobby Cairo Cairopractor
12 Owen Hembree 5Xavier Hudson Loco Vuelo
13 Outcast 19Sitar, Jack Beartrap, Self Revolution
14 Matt Densen 9Random McRally Springboard magistral cradle
15 Random McRally 10 Bobby Cairo Steel Chair shot
16 Reckless Jack 21Xavier Cross Star Crossed
17 Lone Wolf 11Reckless Jack Self Revolution
18 Anthony Clark 16Johnny Craven Redline Hangover
19 Kevin Sensation 12Andrew Storm Roll-up
20 Vincent Banks 15 Anthony Clark Superkick
21 Johnny Craven 18 Joe Ragnal Five Star Frog Splash
22 JW McCammon 17 Reckless Jack Reckless Killing
23 Joe Ragnal 23 Kevin Hardaway Brass Knuckles and Asylum Bomb
24 Xavier Cross 22Kevin Hardaway Brass Knuckles

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