The first Money-In-The-Bank for the Global Wrestling Coalition took place as a part of Kingdom Come during the Dark Crusade Match. The winner of the match was J.W. McCammon when he retrieved the briefcase by a ladder during the third fall of the match.



  • Stargazer (formerly Crimson Pfeiffer) defeated T-Money (c) by disqualification on 8/1 Wednesday Night Assault when Ryder interfered.
    • T-Money retains the title.
    • The MITB was cashed in following a steel cage match with T-Money and Ryder


The second Money-In-The-Bank was contested for at GWC Alpha 2008. David Alastair and Christian Striker both retrieved the briefcase at the same time. Christian Striker defeated David Alastair to win the briefcase at GWC Instant Classic 2008.

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