The GWC Tag Team Championship was a tag team championship in the Global Wrestling Coalition.

Final Champions

The Axis were in their second reign when the titles were put on temporary hiatus pending more activity.

Championship Reign by Time

Team Name Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Date Won Date Lost Reign Stipulation
Casualties of WarChris ShinePanic 02/28/07 03/14/07 Wednesday Night Assault Fatal Fiveway
England's Finest ConnectionLexington RoyaleStephen Grace 03/14/07 06/06/07Wednesday Night Assault One Fall
CXF Felipe SalaroseZak Warner06/06/07 07/18/07Wednesday Night Assault One Fall
Gold Foundation Lexington Royale (2) Outcast 07/18/07 08/15/07GWC Viva La GWC One Fall
Murder Inc. Anthony Clark Xavier Hudson 08/15/07 12/19/07 GWC Tribulation One Fall
Dark Royalty Chrysta The Emperor 12/19/07 1/23/08 GWC Revelations One Fall
The Lost SoulsThunder Danny Vice 1/23/08 02/13/08 GWC Alpha Triple Team No Escape Cage Match
The AxisThunder*Kurt Burton02/13/0802/20/08Wednesday Night AssaultOne Fall
The Burning Blood Ravens of PerditionRicky StevensAsh Darkstone02/20/0804/23/08GWC Instant ClassicOne Fall
The Saints of the Strong StyleDavid AlastairReckless Jack04/23/0804/30/08GWC Reign of TerrorOne Fall
Murder Inc. Anthony Clark (2) Xavier Hudson (2) 04/30/0805/21/08Wednesday Night Assault TLC Match
Motor City MafiaJayson Matthews Johnny Rotten05/21/08CurrentGWC Kingdom Come IIOne Fall

Championship Reign by Length

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Motor City Mafia156 days05/21/08Current reign
Murder Inc.126 days08/15/0712/19/07
England's Finest Connection84 days03/14/0706/06/07
The Burning Blood Ravens of Perdition63 days02/20/0804/23/08
CXF42 days06/06/0707/18/07
Dark Royalty35 days12/19/0701/23/08
Gold Foundation28 days07/18/0708/15/07
The Lost Souls/The Axis28 days01/23/0802/20/08
Murder Inc.21 days04/30/0805/21/08
Casualties of War14 days02/28/0703/14/07
The Saints of the Strong Style7 days04/23/0804/30/08


Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns Lexington Royale and Murder Inc. (tie) 2
Longest time as champion Motor City Mafia 156 days (as of 10/7/08)
Longest reign Motor City Mafia 156 days (as of 10/7/08)
Shortest reign The Axis and The SotSS (tie) 7 days
Heaviest champion Gold Foundation 585 lbs
Lightest champion Dark Royalty 316 lbs
GWC Titles
WorldU.S.TelevisionUltimateUndergroundTag TeamTapout (defunct)

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