The GWC Television Championship was a secondary championship in the Global Wrestling Coalition. It is currently on a temporary hiatus until more activity occurs.

Final Champion

Random McRally was the last Television Champion.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Reign Event Stipulation
Jamal Carter 03/05/07 03/26/07 1Monday Night Mayhem One Fall
Xavier Cross 03/26/07 05/23/07 1Monday Night Mayhem One Fall
Zak Warner 05/23/07 06/11/07 1GWC Kingdom Come Dark Crusade Match
Xavier Cross 06/11/07 06/20/07 2 Monday Night Massacre One Fall
Zak Warner 06/20/07 07/25/07 2 GWC Vindication Fatal Fourway
Skyler Striker 07/25/07 08/29/07 1 Wednesday Night Assault One Fall
Joe Ragnal 08/29/07 10/24/07 1 Wednesday Night Assault The FUN House Match
Bobby Cairo 10/24/0712/05/07 1GWC Dire StraitsTriple Threat
Vacant12/05/0712/19/071Wednesday Night Assault N/A
Christian Striker 12/19/07 1/09/08 1 GWC Revelations Triple Threat
The Stargazer01/09/08 01/23/08 1Wednesday Night Assault One Fall
Random McRally 01/23/08 03/03/08 1GWC AlphaDark Crusade Match
Kat Hamilton 03/03/08 04/23/081Monday Night MassacreSpecial Guest Referee
Wayne McGurk 04/23/08 05/21/081GWC Reign of TerrorFalls Count Anywhere Fatal Fourway
The Virus05/21/08 06/18/081GWC Kingdom Come IITriple Threat
Mike Ragnal06/18/08 08/26/081GWC VindicationUnification Match
Random McRally08/26/0811/12/082Tuesday Night AftershockOne Fall

Championship Reign by Time

  • Bold denotes longest reign
Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Random McRally78 days08/26/0811/12/08
Mike Ragnal69 days06/18/0808/26/08
Xavier Cross58 days03/26/0705/23/07
Joe Ragnal56 days08/29/0710/24/07
Kat Hamilton51 days03/03/0804/23/08
Bobby Cairo42 days10/24/0712/05/07
Random McRally40 days01/23/0803/03/08
Zak Warner35 days06/20/0707/25/07
Skyler Striker35 days07/25/0708/29/07
Wayne McGurk28 days04/23/0805/21/08
The Virus28 days05/21/0806/18/08
Jamal Carter21 days03/05/0703/26/07
Christian Striker21 days12/19/0701/09/08
Zak Warner19 days05/23/0706/11/07
The Stargazer14 days01/09/0801/23/08
Xavier Cross9 days06/11/0706/20/07


Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns Xavier Cross, Zak Warner, and Random McRally 2
Longest time as champion Random McRally 118 days
Longest reign Random McRally 78 days
Shortest reign Xavier Cross 9 days
Heaviest champion Jamal Carter 255 lbs
Lightest champion Kat Hamilton 150 lbs
GWC Titles
WorldU.S.TelevisionUltimateUndergroundTag TeamTapout (defunct)

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