The GWC Ultimate Championship is a championship in the Global Wrestling Coalition similar to a hardcore championship. The first champion was determined at Kingdom Come.

Old Rules

It was defended under similar rules as the old 24/7 WWE rules in that the champion defends the title every single week on either Assault or Mayhem, but not always on PPV weeks.

Current Champion

This title is currently vacant after all champions were stripped of their belts on the November 11th, 2008 edition of Wednesday Night Assault. The new champion will be decided at GWC Omerta in a Midnight Crusade match.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Reign Event Stipulation
Triple X 05/23/07 06/13/07 1GWC Kingdom Come Triple Threat
Crimson Pfeiffer 06/13/07 06/27/07 1 Wednesday Night Assault One Fall
Kevin Hardaway 06/27/07 07/02/07 1 Wednesday Night Assault Fatal Fourway
Kevin Sensation 07/02/07 07/09/07 1 Monday Night Massacre One Fall
Cam Connor 07/09/07 08/08/07 1 Monday Night Massacre One Fall
The Emperor 08/08/07 09/05/07 1 Wednesday Night Assault Triple Threat
Kevin Hardaway 09/05/0712/05/07 2Wednesday Night Assault Fatal Fourway Unification Match
The Emperor12/05/0712/28/072Wednesday Night Assault Barbed Wire Massacre
Anthony Clark12/28/0702/20/081Holiday AssaultToy Room Brawl
Jamal Carter02/20/0803/19/081GWC Instant ClassicOne Fall
Steve Carr03/19/0804/30/081GWC Unholy CoronationTriple Threat
Random McRally04/30/0805/21/081Wednesday Night AssaultSpecial Rules Tag Match
Michael "Thunder" Knight05/21/0807/16/081GWC Kingdom Come II One Fall
"The Executioner" CSB07/16/0808/20/081Wednesday Night AssaultTriple Threat
Creeping Death08/20/0809/03/081GWC TribulationOne Fall
"The Executioner" CSB09/03/0811/12/082Wednesday Night AssaultBarbed Wire Massacre

Championship Reign by Length

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Kevin Hardaway91 days09/05/0712/05/07
"The Executioner" CSB70 days09/03/0811/12/08
Thunder56 days05/21/0707/16/08
Anthony Clark54 days12/28/0702/20/08
Steve Carr42 days03/19/0804/30/08
"The Executioner" CSB35 days07/16/0808/20/08
Cam Connor30 days07/09/0708/08/07
The Emperor28 days08/08/0709/05/07
Jamal Carter28 days02/20/0803/19/08
The Emperor23 days12/05/0712/28/07
Triple X21 days05/23/0706/13/07
Random McRally21 days04/30/0805/21/08
Crimson Pfeiffer14 days06/13/0706/27/07
Creeping Death14 days08/20/0809/03/08
Kevin Sensation7 days07/02/0707/09/07
Kevin Hardaway5 days06/27/0707/02/07


Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns Kevin Hardaway, The Emperor, & "The Executioner" CSB 2
Longest time as champion "The Executioner" CSB 105 days
Longest reign Kevin Hardaway 91 days
Shortest reign Kevin Hardaway 5 days
Heaviest champion Steve Carr 287 lbs
Lightest champion The Emperor 190 lbs
GWC Titles
WorldU.S.TelevisionUltimateUndergroundTag TeamTapout (defunct)

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