The GWF Cruiserweight Championship is a championship defended in the GWF.

  • 1. "Metal" Michael Toaster(April 2006 - September 17, 2006)

Toaster, who debuted as Toast Hogan, defeated Whit3 Rabb1t in a Ladder Match to become the first champion. At Rise & Fall 2006, he successfully defended the title against soldier-dark.

At New Beginning 2006, he defended the title against Dragonside and MAsked Nacho in a Triple Threat Match. Eventually, Toast Hogan turned heel and became "Metal" Michael Toaster.

Although Toaster left the GWF in August 2006, he returned about 2 weeks later and kept his spot as Cruiserweight Champion. Currently, Toaster's Cruiserweight title reign is the longest reign of any champion in GWF history.

  • 2. Alex Storm(September 17, 2006 - present)

Alex Storm defeated Michael Toaster and CJ at Triple Threat to win the Cruiserweight Championship, ending the longest title reign in GWF history. This title was then changed to the Interpromotional Title, and it was dropped.

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