Deadly Games is scheduled to be the first Genocidal Wrestling Federation Pay-Per-View.

GWF Deadly Games 2008

  • Saturday 22nd March 2008
  • Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy - Paris, France
  • Theme Song: Deadly Game - Theory of a Deadman

Match Ups

  • Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
    • Marin Christian v Mai Valentine v Cassie Cain v Blake Mason v Annihilator v Autak v Kurt McPhee v Joshimitzu Sasuke v Killer B v Shaun Irvine v America Young v The Dream
  • Loser Is Fired
    • Killer B v Joshimitzu Sasuke
  • GWF Intercontinental Championship Match
    • America Young v TBD
  • GWF Television Championship
    • TBD v TBD
  • GWF Heavyweight Championship
    • Marin Christian v TBD

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