The GWF Hardcore title is a retired title that was once in the GameFAQs Wrestling Federation. It is usually separated into 2 era's. The 24/7 Era, where the title changed hands in a 500 topic, and the time where it was just a regular GWF Championship.


Here are a list of Hardcore Champions from both era's.

24/7 Era

Joe8 - 2 time Champion, also the first

Wrathbeans/JBW - 5 time Champion

Wolfenstein - 3 time Champion

lodis3 - 3 time Champion

Ken Davidson - 3 time Champion

Naked Viscera - 2 time Champion

MDeathstorm aka Alex Storm - 2 time Champion

hunterharry aka Harry Jackson - 1 time Champion

Post-24/7 Era

1. Harry Jackson

2. Dave Shadow

3. Brent "The Dunkster" Duncan

4. Wrestlemania

5. Dragonside

6. Wrestlemania

7. Mark Madison

8. Jeff Hardyboyz

9. John Kidman

10. The Reprobate

11. Jay Ramirez

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