The Genocidal Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship is Genocidal Wrestling Federation's most pretigious title.


The GWF Heavyweight Championship was the first titled christened for Genocidal Wrestling Federation on January 1st 2008. On January 21st GWF CEO Scott Simmonds awarded the belt to the competitor he deemed to "deserve" it. This ceremony took place in place of the main event, and in a shocking turn of events Scott named himself champion. General Manager Matt Bradley and the board of directors were quick to strip Simmonds of the title and moments after the initial ceremony Kurt McPhee was named GWF Heavyweight Champion.

The championship was vacated as the GWF entered a recession. Board members have stated that the championship will be decided upon the re-opening of the doors of the GWF.

After a brief closure following a failed take the Genocidal wrestling federation re-opened its doors and it was announced that the GWF Heavyweight Championship would be decided on Pay-Per-View. At GWF Deadly Games the championship will be decided for the first time since it was vacated.


List of Champions

Chronological list of GWF Heavyweight Champions
Wrestler: Reign: Date: Location: Event: Notes:
Scott Simmonds 1 21st January 2008 GWF Arena Crushzone Named himself GWF Champion
Kurt McPhee 1 21st January 2008 GWF Arena Crushzone Named champion by GM Matt Bradley after the board of directors stripped Scott Simmonds moments after he named himself champion.
Vacated 1 1st February 2008 The championship title was declared vacant by the board of directors as the GWF went into recession

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