Acronym GWO
Established November 2007
Active November 2007 - Present
Style Roleplay-based
Owner(s) Gerald Moran
Owner(s) (kayfabe) hikooki
Parent Moran Wrestling Industries
Channel WrestleTV

Global Wrestling Organisation (GWO) is an role-play based E-federation founded by hikooki in 2007. The federation offers a weekly television show on WrestleTV (owned by Moran Wrestling Industries) and as well as monthly Pay-per-views. The federation is currently under management by media mogul Gerald Moran. The federation currently only accepts original characters.


Coming soon!


GWO currently hosts a weekly live Monday-night wrestling show called e-Xplosion, which is currently being broadcasted on WrestleTV. e-Xplosion is the main show for the federation, with no other programmes being planned at this time.

Current Champions

GWO currently has three championship titles.

Championship Current champion(s) Date Won Won at
GWO World Heavyweight Championship Vacant N/A N/A
GWO Xtreme Division Championship Vacant N/A N/A
GWO World Tag Team Championship Vacant N/A N/A


To be added!


GWO Website

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