Gabriel Martin
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Gabriel Martin]]
Real name Gabriel Martinez
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Height 5'11"
Weight 219 lbs.
Date of birth March 15, 1983
Place of birth Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Flag of Brazil
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Resides Las Vegas, Nevada Flag of the United States
Billed from Sin City, USA Flag of the United States
Trainer Unknown
Extreme Wrestling Alliance
Handled by Sam
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Debut July 2007
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Gabriel Martinez is a Brazilian professional wrestler, best known for his recent hiring by the Extreme Wrestling Alliance under the name of "The Archangel" Gabriel Martin.


Little has been revealed about the man known as "The Archangel," aside from the fact that at one point he was converted to a devout Christian. Many rumors circulate about the man, some considerably less than flattering, but he is loathe to reveal any personal details. All the man has made clear is that he is on a mission to purify the professional wrestling industry, which he sees as morally corrupted and needing the Word spread to those involved.

The Extreme Wrestling Alliance

Gabriel signed with the Extreme Wrestling Alliance at the beginning of July 2007, but he would not debut himself until the July pay-per-view event known as Adrenalyn. At Adrenalyn, Gabriel would appear in the Breakthrough Championship match between "Dynamite" Dingo and the Breakthrough Champion, Mental Jack, costing both men the match and attack an already interfering Roadkill. With all three men laid out, Gabriel seemed to pray for the sake of the place he had entered, rolling out of the ring to admire the three men unconscious in the ring.

In the weeks the followed, the attacks would continue. Dingo first, then Roadkill, finally Mental Jack before he had his debut match against a fellow newcomer in a Philadelphia-born rapper called Philly. Gabriel handled the Philly-native with ease, and would be seen later on the card as a distraction to Dingo again. The next week, Gabriel was put against his target of the week before, again handling his opposition with ease before kneeling beside him, making a cross gesture with his hands as if to pray for Dingo's forgiveness. Roadkill was next, and handled with the same ease.

The next week was EWA's August Pay-Per-View, Sinners V. A more appropriate name could not have been asked for in Gabriel's view, as he saw his three opponents (Mental Jack, Roadkill, and Dingo) as guilty of all seven deadly sins in one form or another. In an elimination match for the Breakthrough Championship, Gabriel pinned Jack, Dingo pinned Roadkill, and Gabriel pinned Dingo to become the new EWA Breakthrough Champion. Unlike many, however, Gabriel did not see winning the belt as a blessing--rather, he saw it as a curse, a burden set upon him as he now holds what his three opponents "lusted after."

Other Facts

Theme Music: Livin in Sin - Godsmack

Finishing moves

  • Fall From Grace - Best Moonsault Ever
  • Six Feet Under - Angel's Wings/Pedigree
  • Expulsion - Flux Capacitor

Signature Moves

  • Downward Spiral - Twisting Corkscrew Splash (Spiral Tap)
  • Final Judgment - Styles Clash
  • Last Rites - Christopher Daniels' Last Rites
  • Meet Your Maker - Superkick

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 1x Extreme Wrestling Alliance Breakthrough Champion

Championship Succession

EWA Breakthrough Title
Preceded by:
Mental Jack
August 27, 2007 to present day Succeeded by: