Don Ferral

Don Ferral started his career in the summer of 2006, making his debut in Chaotic Pro Wrestling, but then leaving and had a brief stint in EUW. After that, he wrestled for a while in BWA, now UCF. He never won a match there and must fight the same opponent again and again. However, he joined GWF as an EVE superstar.


Ferral fought in EVE, most of the time in his Tagteam, the LLLG (Live Life Like A Gangster) were he won Championship gold within a month of his stay. The tagteam continued to dominate, until they had no more opponents. However when Highlander Mcdonald and Hiro became a tagteam, the LLLG lost the championship at ECHW to them. Because of this, they beat T-Dog Tomassio in a handicap cage match. However, soon after, EVE was closed and Ferral started a career in GWF.


Ferral, upon his arrival got ready for EVE wargames, the final EVE match, unless the rumours of EVE one night stand is true. On the same night he fought in wargames, with ended in everyone winning, due to Metal Michael Toaster coming out and ending the match, Ferral fought against AT Fire and Nick Nitro, in which match, he hit the Omerta on Ian Vendetta before losing the match. After the match, the LLLG broke up, and they both had good singles careers ahead of them.

Of course, they weren't a prominent part of the cards for a while, as they were in EVE, however Ferral fought on, against many opponents, until GWF Ultimate Decision, which he tried to get everyone voting for him to fight for the IX championship. However, much to his dismay, Glasgow mauler and JHB were voted in, neither of which won the match. But Ferral had to team up with Gary Crackett to beat three opponents in a handicap tag match. Sometime after, he had to compete in a Three Way match with Ross Lambert and Ian Vendetta, which he lost after being hit with Ross' Finishing move. Later on in the night, he had a dream that a magical piece of toast told him he didn't win, so he concluded it was Ian's fault.

He then asked Dave Shadow for a street fight against Ian, which happened that very week. Ferral beat Ian after hitting a Coast to Coast on Ian, followed by an Omerta. (He also made a cameo appearance in TIW to tell Hangtime he was pathetic.)

Finisher and Signature moves (Present) Omerta (new variation, Sweet Chin Music)

Coast to Coast (occasionally referred to as Coast 2 Coast) Mafia Jump

Death of an Art


Extortion Device

Top Rope DDT

Past finishing moves Omerta (Modified scoop slam version, used in EVE)

Last Requests

Diamond Cutter


The Hit

Rub Out

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