Gate City Wrestling[1] [2] is an e-fed based in Nashua, New Hampshire. GCW was founded by William Ellis, a retired wrestler who decided to open up his own promotion. It officially opened it's doors to the public on May 8th, 2007.

About GCW

Gate City Wrestling runs a bi-weekly show titled "Sunday Night Storm". It also has bi-monthly Supercards with various names. There are currently three championship titles in GCW; the GCW Championship Title, the GCW Tag Team Titles, and the GCW Evolution Title. All three are currently vacant. GCW has a low budget, however is an independently owned company. Therefore, the assets that the company owns are of poor or low end quality. The goal of GCW is to rise from humble roots to a globally renowned company. From running out of school gymnasiums to selling out arenas around the world.



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