From her TV debut, to the final show before hers and Insomnia's untimely deaths shortly before Insomnia was due to take on Nemesis in the final of the New Way Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament; Gayle Dicker served as the manager and valet of both David Cyclone and Insomnia.

In the months leading up to hers and Insomnia's fateful trip to Gaza the two had shown signs of genuine attraction towards one another, with many noting the increasing amounts of time they had been spending together.

Gayle, always the thrill-seeker; was easily identifiable by her colourful full-body tattoos and her eccentric behaviour which over the years had seen her wreck close to a hundred expensive cars ranging from Bentley's to Ferrari's, Cadillac's and beyond.

Gayle, when in a combatative situation was known to rely on her kickboxing background and stunt-woman like agility, which unsurprisingly lead to a brief career being just that. Gayle was also known to enjoy eating, breathing and generally playing around recklessly with fire, much like Insomnia used to.

With Gayle by their side David Cyclone and Insomnia looked unstoppable, taking their careers to a new level as they both firmly established themselves as arguably two of the best to ever set foot in New Way Wrestling.

Return & Marriage to Insomnia

Gayle and Insomnia both returned to wrestling some time in 2008, where they showed up in ISGA to help David Cyclone retain his much sought-after ISGA World Heavyweight Championship. Since she has gone on to appear both in SCW and G-2 and in 2010, shortly before Insomnia returned for his second stint in SCW, the two married during a "Lunar" themed wedding.

Backing up the claims of her importance to the "Serial Thrillas" David Cyclone & Insomnia the two currently (as of 05/10/10) hold the two most prestigious titles in the company. Insomnia holding the Global Heavyweight and David Cyclone the United Championship Title/s.

It is rumored that Gayle has developed a terminal form of cervical cancer since the events of Gaza and her return to wrestling, although it's not known if this is an on-camera backburnerish storyline thing, or a legitamet illness.

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