Gem City Wrestling
Debut Date March 2009
Headquarters Dayton,_Ohio, U.S
Home Venue Hara Arena
CEO Thomas Gunns
Operated By Thomas Gunns, Carlos Duquesne
Parent Fed None

Gem City Wrestling {GCW} is based at of Dayton, Ohio and is set up like a regional fed. This meaning that their shows are always in Dayton, Ohio.

First Opening

In the spring of two thousand and four, w187 pioneer and founder of the New Era Wrestling joined forces with Michael Money to create a brand of independent wrestling in their home town of Dayton, Ohio. Holding a weekly show in the Hara Arena, the GCW attracted many well known superstars such as Ryan Vierra, Mike Austin and X-Con to independent stars such as Ted Hurd. The ultimate downfall for the GCW was when the reigning champion Mike Austin took the GCW Championship to the NEW, Thomas Gunns infuriated with his decision to do this, called upon the services of the SCCW provincial champion and former NEW primetime champion, Midnight Felon, to take the championship back.

New Era Wrestling

GCW came back with a bang, being announced as New Era Wrestling’s developmental federation. Murderous Entertainment spear headed GCW's return as the staffing team that would lead GCW into the future. Thomas Gunns, Mike Money, and JJ Benjamins held the steering wheel. With things like The Rising Star Tournament every two months, and a down right at home feel GCW is a very strong regional federation. However a war between the two companies arose with many GCW versus NEW matches circulating, the company turned from a developmental farm to a brand of the New Era Wrestling. This didn’t last long with the changes in the NEW and the GCW abruptly closed.


However in early two thousand and nine, Thomas Gunn’s had many secret meetings with an interested party to help bring back one of the more successful independent companies in North America. Having met him when the two companies at the time had a rift, Carlos Duquesne a then associate of SCCW Superstar NBK, and Thomas Gunn’s came to an arrangement and the re-birth of Gem City Wrestling has begun. One of the new cosmetic changes to the GCW is the introduction of the Pure Legacy Championship.


Title Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
Inter Regional Champion Vacant 00/00/2009 N/A
State Champion Vacant 00/00/09 N/A
Inner City Champion Vacant 00/00/09 N/A
Pure Legacy Champion Vacant 00/00/09 N/A

Current Roster

Heels Tweeners Faces
  • Kirsta Lewis
  • Chris Delco
  • Rellic Daegon
  • A.I.D.
  • Scar
  • Chase Martelle
  • Lance Erickson
  • Scott Adams
  • Brock Hoyle
  • Johnny Hero
  • Cryptic

Murderous Entertainment

The Staff at GCW known as Murderous Entertainment is a staff not many e-wrestlers have seen before... Without having labels Murderous Entertainment's three members are all equal. Being one of the first federations many people have seen without a CEO or President! The current Murderous Entertainment staff is Thomas Gunns, Mike Money and Carlos Duquesne.


Weekly - Wednesday Night Shootout (WNS)

  • Results of WNS 2009
  • "Shootout is the weekly show for the GCW, A show where anything is possible. Held in the Hara Arena in front of crowds from 500-2000, the local audience will be guaranteed a good show.
  • Closed Circut - Monthly
  • "GCW's Closed Circut events are like Pay Per View's but for the local Dayton, Ohio audience."

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