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Genesis Pro Wrestling
Federation Name Genesis Pro Wrestling
Abbreviation GPW
Shows Tuesday Turmoil
Time open January 16, 2007-February 13, 2007
Owner Steven White
Based in Trenton, NJ
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly

Genesis Pro Wrestling (GPW) is a wrestling federation based in New Jersey. It's a branch of Underground Global Promotions. The roster is made up of former Underground Pro, OCW, and RCW/XWR wrestlers, as well as a few rookies. It's owned by former Underground Pro Co-Owner and RCW/XWR Owner Steve White. GPW is broadcasted on the local MSG Network from 10:00pm – 12:00am every Tuesday Night.

GPW's weekly show, Tuesday Turmoil, is taped every Saturday from the Trenton Rec. Center from 9:00pm – 11:00pm

GPW Staff

  • Steve White
    • Steve White is the general manager and owner of GPW. He's been known to almost be a manager for certain wrestlers which doesn't please the fans as he'll often stack the odds to get his preferred outcome in the match, this being seen with Dave Milan in UgP when he'd do near anything to help his client emerge victorious.
  • Interviewers
    • Felicity Caldwell: Felicity was in UgP only a few months, but was abused in every way imaginable. She was hit over the head with chairs, given vulgar remarks and taunted. She's going to be walking the corridors of GPW looking for wrestlers opinions, with hopes of not getting bumped around too much.
  • Commentators
    • Dave Warren: Dave had his first experience commentating in XWR alongside Greg Somers. Dave is the more perhaps "intelligent" of the two, and often uses Greg's stupidity to lure him into gambling against the odds.
    • Greg Somers: Dave's moronic broadcast partner. Greg is always determined to win some extra dough by betting on a match, but he usually ends up making a stupid move and betting against someone who is most likely to win. Surprisingly, he's very smart when it comes to wrestling, and sometimes gets into arguments with his partner.

GPW Roster

Genesis Pro Wrestling has finalized their roster, and this is how it shows up.

GPW Championships

Although GPW is part of a branch of a larger company, and Underground Global Promotions has its own inter-fed titles, GPW possesses two titles of its own.

Championship: Champion(s): Defeated:
GPW World Championship Vacant None
GPW Juniorweight Championship Vacant None


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