Federation Name Genocide Wrestling
Abbreviation GW
Shows Pandemonium
Time open 2006-Present
Main Owners Jeff Hardkore Ms. Romero (Former)
Originally based in USA (East Coast)
Shows Performed and Broadcast North America
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly (Except December)
Website Here
Forums Here

Genocide Wrestling (GW) is an internet roleplay-based e-fed that opened on Monday, July 10, 2006, with Crystal Rodriguez Romero as the owner and president. As of 2007, Jeff Hardkore took over owner duties. Genocide Wrestling is currently on Season II.


Ms. Romero: Former GW Owner
Jobs: Head Booker, Head Writer, CEO, President.

Ms. Romero opened up Genocide Wrestling after having worked for independent federations in the past, as well as Vegas City Wrestling. She had small odd jobs but picked up what experience she could on top of her existing experience, as her father was the head booker and writer of a Mexican wrestling federation. As of 2007, the GW Board of Directors fired her. She is still holding onto GW despite this happening, as she still owns its parent company, CRR Incorporated.

Jeff Hardkore: Current GW Owner
Jobs: Head Booker, Head Writer.

Jeff Hardkore, since the beginning of 2007 and the start of Season II of Genocide Wrestling, has been in charge of GW since the firing of Ms. Romero.

The Ironman: Former Owner
Jobs: Head Booker, Head Writer.

After Ms. Romero went off to create more attention, and in turn more money, for GW and CRR Inc. with GW: F-Zone, she left a former wrestler named Ironman in charge (with an unknown man acting as a placeholder for the company). However, this would prove to be her mistake, as Ironman went behind her back and talked up to ten of her wrestlers into quitting, which most of them did (up to seven left). Most of the seven went on to join Ironman's follow up federation, Pro Wrestling Evolution-1. Since that time, Ms. Romero regained control of GW.

Show Information

GW presents one TV show every week (Pandemonium) on Sundays, but the last Sunday of every month, with the exception of December, is replaced instead with that month's pay per view. All current shows and pay per views can be seen here.


GW holds Genocore on the last Sunday of September. Genocore is, as stated by Ms. Romero, "the grand daddy Genocide Wrestling pay per view".

GW Championship Titles.

The GW has five championship titles.

- GW World Championship - GW Intercontinental Championship - GW Omega Division Championship (Formerly the Lightweight Championship) - GW Extreme Championship (Formerly the Television Championship)

External links

GW Website: [1]

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