Giovanni DiMarco (born October 28, 1934 in Westerleigh, Staten Island, New York, USA) is a retired Italian-American professional wrestler, best known for his "impact submission" style of wrestling that was famous on the New York and New England wrestling circuits from the late 1950s to mid 1970s. His unique style was said to have come long before its time, and earned DiMarco the nickname "G-Force" among his adoring fans.

After officially retiring from the ring in 1977, DiMarco opened a successful training academy in New York City. Known for its hard-nosed "boot camp" admission system, the DiMarco Wrestling Academy served as the training grounds for many future wrestling personalities, such as Scotty Ferrari and Perfect Paul Paras. The academy ceased operations in 2000, citing economic reasons.

DiMarco has gone on record, saying Paras, a former World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and World Tag Team Champion, is noted as the top student the academy ever produced. In honor of his mentor DiMarco, Paras used his trainer's legendary finishing hold, the DiMarco Special (a hybrid rear naked choke) as a signature part of his arsenal.

DiMarco is now fully retired and lives in a gated retirement community outside of New York with his wife, Janine.

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