Global Impact Wrestling
Debut Date October 27, 2007
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Owners/Creators Declan Prescott
Travis Roberts
Shows GIW Sentinel
Operated By GIW Management
Web Address [1]

Global Impact Wrestling is an e-fed based in Los Angeles, California. GIW is known for its creativity and many unique storylines and matches.

The weekly broadcast of GIW is Sentinel.


Pay Per Views

List of Global Impact Wrestling PPV Events

Most Recent Event: GIW Horizons

Next Event: GIW Infinity

Current Championships

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event
Unified Global Heavyweight Championship Donovan Hastings 15/12/09 GIW Horizons Championship Alex Kiseragi 21/03/10 GIW Dark Days
GIW Tag Team Championship The Covenant 28/02/10 GIW Sentinel

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