The Global Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship (GIW Tag Team Championship) is the tag title for Global Impact Wrestling.

It is currently held by The Covenant (Raenius, Chassie Fear), who defeated Randy Boolzian in a Handicap Match on GIW Sentinel.

Title history

Chronological list of GIW Tag Team Champions
Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
War and Peace
Ezekial Pax (1) & Daisuke Marek (1)
1 November 29, 2008 Horizons Defeated American Muscle in a First Blood/Table/Ladder Three Fall Match
Chinatsu Chen (1) & Aragato (1)
1 March 21, 2009 Affirmative Action This was a First Blood Match
The Covenant
Raenius (1) & Dirge (1)
1 May 10, 2009 No Holds Barred: Rising Sun This was a Climb of Faith Match.
Brown Dragons
Alex Kiseragi (1) & Brandon Brown (1)
1 July 12, 2009 Toxic Intent This match obliterated the fourth wall
Red Dawn
Moss Edwards (1) & Randy Boolzian (1)
1 December 15, 2009 Horizons Edwards retired immediately after the match
The Covenant
Raenius (2) & Chassie Fear (1)
1 February 28, 2010 GIW Sentinel This was a Handicap Match.

GIW Titles
UndisputedGIW.Com • Tag Team • HardcoreWomen's

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