Global Pro Wrestling Alliance
Official Logo of GPWA circa 2016
Founded 2016
Style Puroresu
Lucha Libre
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Founder(s) Jun Akiyama & Keji Mutoh

Global Pro Wrestling Alliance (GPWA) is an International professional wrestling governing body founded in 2016 by All Japan Pro Wrestling President Jun Akiyama and Wrestle-1 Owner Keji Mutoh. The group was established as a means to aid the many competing wrestling promotions in Japan. Members would share resources including training facilities and their wrestlers themselves. They would also coordinate the arrangements of their shows in order to avoid clashes. In addition to this "super shows" would be run with wrestlers from the member promotions competing on the same shows. The first of which will occur on July 1, 2016.

Current Promotions

Promotion Promoter(s) Founded Territory(ies)
All Japan Pro Wrestling Jun Akiyama & Ultimo Dragon 1972 Japan
Wrestle-1 Keji Mutoh 2013 Japan
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Paco Alonso 1933 Mexico
World Wrestling Council Carly Colon 1973 Puerto Rico

GPWA Special Events

Year May July September December
2016 Unbreakable Championship Collision Fight Without Honor International Incident


The following accomplishments in GPWA allows for the winner of a featured competition a guaranteed title shot in the promotion of their choosing. The winner of the Open Championship Tournament receives a title shot at the champion of their division of their home promotion. The Tournament will consist of 24 competitors consisting of eight heavyweights, eight junior heavyweights, eight tag team specialist. If a tag team specialist wins he is allowed to choose a partner from any GPWA promotion. The GPWA Lethal Lottery Tag League is a sixteen team tournament in which 32 competitors from all over all four promotions are thrown into a random draw in which the teams are thrown in a single-elimination tournament in which the winners win a One Million dollar prize with the two winners get a commemritive title and $250,000 each while each wrestlers home promotion also gets $250,000.

Accomplishment Latest winner(s)
Open Championship Tournament
GPWA Lethal Lottery Tag League

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