Global Wrestling Federation
Acronym GWF
Established 2008
Style Professional wrestling
Founder(s) Chase Anderson, Genesius Annaya
Owner(s) Kyle Smith
Parent Total Wrestling Entertainment
Website Total Wrestling Entertainment

Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) is a professional wrestling promotion that acts as the developmental territory for Total Wrestling Entertainment (TWE). Talents signed to the GWF developmental program go through a training course that includes character development, in-ring development and promo development, all under the supervision of GWF's head trainer and TWE superstar Genesius Annaya.


The promotion, in its current form, was started by Kyle Smith in 2008 to be TWE's primary developmental territory. Current head trainer Genesius Annaya was the person who came up with the idea for having a developmental territory, and after proposing the idea to Kyle Smith, he was assigned as head trainer and chief executive advisor of Global Wrestling Federation.


GWF quickly became famous for changing the initial gimmick and looks of its talents. The greatest example is Fred Freleng, who was part of TWE as the uncharismatic "ice man" gimmick. Freleng was sent to GWF where Genesius Annaya led him to creating the popular "Platinum" Freddy Breeze character, which immediately got over with the fans. A similar scenario occurred when stale-gimmicked Fusion impact went through the metamorphosis into "Mr. Million Dollar Smile" Brett Johnson, a character raved for by critics and fans alike. Many in the wrestling business credit the success of these new wrestlers to the experience of the multi-time World Champion trainer Genesius Annaya.

Past Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date won
GWF World Title Freddy Breeze February 10, 2008

Authority figure(s)

The current authority figure in GWF is "Commissioner Bob". In a promo, Commissioner Bob stated that his real name was Rajishwari Tadimeiti Singh, an ironic racial gag that contrasted his southern look. At first, the character created a lot of buzz backstage, but he was soon accepted as a comedic relief so-to-speak. Commissioner Bob is a "always busy" kind of guy. He often randomly shouts to himself, only to reveal he is speaking on his ear-piece with someone, etc...

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