Glory and Honor Wrestling
Acronym GHW
Industry Professional eWrestling
Headquarters Flag of the United States
Show(s) Tuesday Night Triumph
GHW Live
Website GHW Official Website
Established September 2006
Founder(s) Trickshot
Key people
Owner Matthew Oliveira
Booker(s) Matthew Oliveira
Metal Dragon
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Glory and Honor Wrestling, formerly Gods and Heretics Wrestling, puts on one show a week plus pay-per-view supershows working on a six week rotating schedule. It has been in operation since 2006

Weekly Shows

Tuesday Night Triumph

The Flagship show of Glory and Honor Wrestling where the superstars compete on a bi-weekly basis.

GHW Live

Running on alternating weeks with TNT, GHW Live are smaller untelevised events.



  • AJ Scally
  • Dustin Delta
  • Hayden Hardkore
  • Kahlan Clarkson
  • Santo Masceras (Revealed as Hayden HardKore)
  • Vicki Marx


  • Chip Diddy
  • Chris Pyro
  • Colton Cruise
  • David Spain
  • Desperado
  • Dominik Santiago
  • El Nacho Grande
  • Epyon
  • Ethan Hawke
  • Johnny Dreamer
  • Magnus Gunner
  • Mighty Man Millson II
  • Reeves
  • Skull
  • Thomas Walker
  • Vinnie
  • Vladimir T. Strife


  • Alex Night
  • Darth That Guy
  • GreenSpark
  • James Walker
  • Nick Carsson
  • Owen Richards
  • Ryan Hughes
  • Shawn Dreamer
  • Stan Dreamer
  • Young Gangsta
  • Ziu

Super Heavyweight

  • Big Robertson Ryder
  • Tyson "BullDawg" Smith


  • Barta Bull
  • Damian Carter
  • Dolores Haze
  • Jaggeroth
  • Jade Brooklyn
  • Jerry Nate
  • Matthew Hoskins
  • Ray Ban
  • Sarah Hawk
  • Seraphiel
  • The Proeliator
  • Tommy Musashi
  • Xavier Blaze

Stables & Tag Teams

Psychotic Circus

  • Jaggeroth
  • Darth That Guy
  • Chris Pyro
  • Seraphiel

The Corps

  • Ryan Hughes
  • Chip Diddy
  • El Nacho Grande
  • Smarky Smark

Justice System

  • Matt Violence
  • Skull
  • AJ Scally

Young Blood

  • Eli Young
  • Kamikaze
  • Reeves*

Big Mighty Ltd

  • Mighty Man Milson II
  • Big Robertson Ryder


  • James Walker
  • Thomas Walker

The Revolutionaries

  • Reeves
  • Eli Young
  • Mighty Man Millson II
  • Big Robertson Ryder

Hall of Fame

Class of 2007

  • Zantazm
  • King Bear

Class of 2008

  • Xantaxm
  • Hawkeye
  • Matthew Oliveira
  • StrikerLT

Class of 2009

  • Dyna Mike Duncan
  • Martin Prince
  • ForSakeN
  • Gnarfflinger
  • Hyper Elf
  • Skull
  • Vladimir T. Strife

Championships & Champions

New Age Championship

Main article: GHW New Age Championship

07/04/10 - Dominik Santiago defeated Ryan Hughes in a No Disqualifications match to become champion.

King of the Deathmatch Championship

Main article: GHW King of the Deathmatch Championship

08/10/10 - James Walker defeated Hayden HardKore in a Barefoot Thumbtack match to become champion.

Television Championship

Main article: GHW Television Championship

07/04/10 - Reeves defeated Logan Scott, Mighty Man Millson II and Young Gangsta in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder match to become champion.

Tag Team Championships

Main article: GHW Tag Team Championships

04/18/10 - Jaggeroth awarded full custody of titles, Psychotic Circus become champions.