Greg Harris
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Greg Harris]]
Real name Gregory Harris
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Height 6'0
Weight 200 lbs.
Date of birth March 24th, 1968
Place of birth Gainesville, Florida
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Resides Boston, Massachusetts
Billed from
Championship Wrestling Federation
Handled by
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Greg Harris is a play-by-play announcer for the popular wrestling promotion CWF. He has been quoted as saying "calling wrestling matches is my dream job" and "I will never leave this company".

Early Life

Born in the heart of Gator country, Greg Harris was an avid football fan who attended every Florida University game from age 5 to age 15. He planned on attending the college, but his poor grades and even poorer monetary situation prevented that from happening. Instead, Harris decided to try his hand at the wrestling business. After one session of practice, Harris decided that the life of a professional wrestler was too strenuous, and instead decided to focus on the out-of-ring aspect. Building up his public speaking skills, Harris quickly became one of the most recognizable announcers in the Southern part of the United States. Harris was quickly employed by the original CWF for all of its play-by-play needs, and when the company folded, Harris went into retirement. At the insistent urging of Anthony Romeri, Harris pulled himself out of retirement and was promptly hired for the new CWF.

Personal Life

  • Harris has been married for 15 years to Erika Harris, and they have two children together. Their son, Robert, is currently enrolled in Boston College, and their daughter, Emily, is in her senior year of high school.


  • Harris and his broadcast partner, Joel Starr, despite their disputes on the air, remain the best of friends in real life. They are often seen frequenting local Boston pubs, and have gone to baseball games at Fenway Park together.
  • Harris is an aspiring chef, and has asked to buried with a copy of "The Joy Of Cooking" when he dies.

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