Greg Whiteman, born Geiger Whittermehn, was born in Almsville Pennsylvania on July 4, 1976 to Sarah Albains Whittermehn (An executive with American music producers Simonson Records) and Herchel Whittermehn (Then-agent, representing such Canadian borne talent as Anne Murray and William Shatner.)

Despite being married, due to lack of research beforehand, neither Whitterman parent possessed dual citizenship. Having neither the money, or the inclination to immigrate to one another's nations, the pair opted to live in border cities such as Blaine, Washington and Niagara Falls, Toronto in orde rto raise their youngest son.

As he grew, Geiger developed a love of both nations that would make Captain America and the patriot act die of renal failure. Training under wrestling legend "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, and the legendary Stu Hart he rose to fame, assumign the stagename "Greg Whiteman" and dubbing himself "The All American Canadian." (Despite his mother's protests that he be the All Canadian American.)

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