Gregory Chapman
Gregory Chapman
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Height 5' 8"
Weight 250 lbs.
Date of birth July 17, 1967
Place of birth Ashtown, GA
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Resides Ashtown, GA
Billed from Ashtown, GA
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Supreme Federation Wrestling
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Debut 2006
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WWE Has the General Manager. TNA Has the Director of Authority, And SFW has the Corporation's Liaison. The Corporation is the Ruling Body of SFW. Their faces are unknown. their Identities shrouded in mystery. what contact they have is done by the man affectionately (or not) known as "Walrus". Chapman acts as the go-between for the corp. he has the power to suspend wrestlers and make title matches, but the Corp. reserves the right to revoke his decision. mostly, Chapman gets to hand out the decrees and orders from the Corp.

Before The Corp

starting out, Chapman was Head of th Payroll department in L.D. Baretts TEW. hen the brands merged as one, he kept his job, some say through payoffs and brown nosing. yet, the wrestlers all loved him, mostly because of his odd facial hair, but some of it was because of his warm heart. Chapman paid some of the undercards money under the table when they had a four to five star match and felt they deserved it, but this went unnoticed by the higher-ups. soon after the merge, however, SFW went through a change that would change Chapman's life

as the Liaison

after a brief period of trying out other people for the position, Chapman took power as the go-between from the Corporation to the Wrestlers. A position he achieved through a level head and thorough brown-nosing.

With his slow southern drawl and his mind for business, the Wrestlers and the Corporation have an adequate representative for both their causes. with his position came Chapman's bits of power. he can make Title Matches and Suspend employees. though the Corporation can revoke th decision if deemed excessive. his most notable suspension as of yet is Jim Rourke (note: Rourke was attacking Chapman at the time) as of late, he has been pretty much removed from TV, since there is o need for him. but he is there every how, as his on-air personality is not far off from his real one. some things are dramatized, but his position is real, and as a wise man once said: Don't cross the Boss

Notable shows of Power


  • SFW Corporation liaison 2006 - 2007
  • Mustache Aficionado Man of the Year - 2006

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