Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher]]
Real name Gunnar Wuher
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Height 6'2"
Weight 235lbs
Date of birth 26 October 1980
Place of birth Reykjavík, Iceland
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Resides Edinburgh, Scotland
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Trainer Self/Anonymous
Handled by Not Availible
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Debut August 2005
Retired {{{retired}}}

Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher (born October 26, 1980) is an Icelandic professional wrestler. He currently wrestles in Professional RPG Wrestling.

Early career

Wuher began studying tapes at the age of 13 to become a Professional Wrestler, taught by an anonymous trainer, Wuher began to wrestle as "Da' Pimp" in PRW in August 2005.

Professional RPG Wrestling

Da' Pimp, as he was known then, came into the PRW locker room approximately 2 months after it's birth. Wuher, starting as a tweener, was scheduled in his first match against Jay Harvard and Andy Varsity in a 2-on-1 handicap match. This match however was cancelled, due to the fact that The Fraternity of Excellence were beaten down by a rival group. Wuher quickly ascended the ranks of PRW and by January of '06 had acquired the to prize in PRW. The Net Title. (won from Wraith) His reign was a short one when Wuher decided to call it quits after a match set up by Nightmare in which Wuher defended his belt against 5 other men. He semi-retired and joined the office staff of PRW by becoming the Co-Commissioner. He shared the position with Heidi Amazon which led to a brutal feud. Wuher lost his Co-Commissioner spot after a brutal Hell in the Cell match at PRW Clash of the Titans II. But, in the next month rebounded and won the PRW Superbattle 2006 to have a shot for the Undisputed Champion of Internet Wrestling. He lost that bout and that title alludes him till this day. After some rehauling and Cyanide Championship runs, Wuher revealed his name and had a gimmick change from Pimp to Bad Ass MotherF*cker. In 2007 however Wuher has had a career year, Capturing the European, X-division, and a Record Tying 11th Cyanide Championships. Wuher's goal for the year, spoken in a promo cut in February of 2007 is to capture every belt that PRW has to offer.

Wrestling Facts


  • Ubuntu Driver (Gunnar and Opponent face each other. Gunnar jumps on shoulders as if to Hurricarana, Instead Spins once around, hooks arms and drives opponent's head into mat, while landing butt first on top of head.)
  • Thor's Hammer (Backflip Powerbomb... Usually off the top rope but has been used on a Ladder.)


  • Rollin' The Dice (Spinning reverse DDT, commonly known as The Hero's Welcome)
  • Da' Business (Clubbing blows to opponent's chest. 10 count.)



Theme Songs

  • "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z(As Da' Pimp)
  • "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor(As Da' Pimp)
  • "Funeral Bell" by Black Label Society
  • "Full Circle" by Drowning Pool

Championships and Accomplishments

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