The HIW World Title is the most prestigious belt in High Impact Wrestling, with a history dating back to 2001 and the inception of the federation.

Current Champion

Seth Hudson won the title from Jack Logan, to capture the title for the first time after an epic four year quest.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler Date Won Won From Event
Seth Hudson November 5th, 2006 Jack LoganHIW Redemption 2006
Jack Logan August 20th, 2006 Kael StantonHIW Blood & Glory 2006
Kael Stanton July 24th, 2006 Matt Essex*7HIW I-Crown 2006
Axis (3) April 2nd, 2006 VACANT*6HIW WrestleWars III 2006
Axis (2) December 26th, 2005 Easton HallHIW Defiance 2005
Easton Hall November 27th, 2005 Carl SturmHIW Ultimate Destruction 2005
Carl Sturm August 16th, 2004 Arlen EmersonHIW Blood & Glory 2004
Arlen Emerson May 16th, 2004 Alex BurnsHIW Cruel Intentions 2004
Alex Burns April 14th, 2004 Nick FowlerHIW Aftermath 2004
Nick Fowler March 14th, 2004 VACANT*5HIW WrestleWars II 2004
Axis March 23rd, 2003 Demon KnightHIW WrestleWars 2003
Demon Knight (2) February 16th, 2003 VACANT*4HIW Breakdown 2003
Apolo Jericho (2) January 1st, 2003 PsychopathHIW Warzone
Psychopath December 15th, 2002 Apolo JerichoHIW Defiance 2002
Apolo Jericho November 17th, 2002 (Won BloodBath Match)*3HIW Ultimate Destruction 2002
Reno Merrick October 7th, 2002 TigerHIW Hell On Earth 2002
Tiger September 8th, 2002 VACANT*2HIW Redemption 2002
Shane Albrecht May 27th, 2001 FIRST CHAMPION*1HIW Revolution 2001


*1 = Albrecht defeated Ian Adams to become the first HIW World Champion
*2 = Tiger defeated Renegade for the vacant title
*3 = Apolo Jericho won the BloodBath match to win the title vacated after Merrick's release
*4 = Title vacated after Apolo Jericho's release
*5 = Fowler defeated Rob Angle and Drew Debs to win the Vacant title.
*6 = Title vacated after Axis and Arlen Emerson co-won the 2006 Brawl-4-All
*7 = Kael Stanton won the I-Crown Tournament, defeating Matt Essex in the Final

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