HVW Pro Pain Championship
[[Image:|px|Image of HVW Pro Pain Championship]]
Current champion Curtis Woods
Date won December 14, 2008
Promotion High Voltage Wrestling
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Date created March 22, 2008
Date retired
Other name(s)
Past design(s)
First champion Itchytude
Most reigns Venomus, Curtis Woods (tied, 2 times)
Most defenses
Longest reign Konrad Olesnicki (105 Days)
Shortest reign Curtis Woods (about 10 minutes)

The HVW Pro Pain Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship originally used by High Voltage Wrestling (HVW). Extreme Wrestling Federation was an owner of the title for a short period. All Pro Pain Championship matches are held under extreme rules, with no-DQ and falls count anywhere (Pro Pain rules)

Championship history

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Itchytude (1) Devron Ference Under Pressure II
(April 14, 2008)
• Pro Pain Rules Match • n/a
Vacated n/a Under Pressure III
(May 17, 2008)
• Itchytude lost his title according to match stipulation (He had to win this match to retain) • n/a
Konrad Olesnicki (1) Devron Ference Under Pressure III
(May 17, 2008)
• Pro Pain Rules Match • n/a
Venomus (1) Konrad Olesnicki, Johnny Thornpike, Devron Ference, Curtis Woods Baltic Mayhem
(August 30, 2008)
Cage of Terror • n/a
Curtis Woods (1) Venomus Wrestlepalooza XCI
(November 31, 2008)
• 2 out of 3 Falls • n/a
Venomus (2) Curtis Woods Wrestlepalooza XCI
(November 31, 2008)
• 2 out of 3 falls • n/a
Curtis Woods (2) Venomus, Johnny Thornpike Wrestlepalooza XCII
(December 14, 2008)
• Hardcore Elimination Match • n/a

Longest reigns

Rank: Champion: Reign length:
1. Konrad Olesnicki 105 days
2. Venomus 93 days
3. Curtis Woods 75+ days
4. Itchytude 33 days
5. Venomus 13 days
6. Curtis Woods 10 minutes

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Defunct Championships HVW Polish
Other accomplishments HVW Pro Pain Games

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