The Hall of Mirrors is a gimmick match created in the Lock Wrestling Federation.

A match fought in a maze of rotating mirrors. To win you must retrieve an object from the center of the maze and escape with it.

Although created in a challenge issued by Phoenix, the match has become known as the specialty match of Phrixus Deimos, also known as Fear

No. Winner Loser Title Event Date
I Fear Phoenix Cross-Hemisphere Championship Day of Reckoning October 19, 2003
II Fear Alan Fernandez Match 3 of Best of Seven Series Warzone December 1, 2003
III Triple M Fear None Lord of the Ring

June 13, 2004

IV Medos Phrixus Deimos (Fear) Number One Contender's Match for World Heavyweight Title

No Holds Barred May 3, 2010
V Jet Somers Gabrielle Montgomery and Phrixus Deimos (Fear) Guaranteed spot in Battleground Match

No Holds Barred May 2, 2011
VI Moss Edwards Zane Scott Cross-Hemisphere Championship No Holds Barred April 23, 2012
VII Phrixus Deimos Zane Scott Cross-Hemisphere Championship No Holds Barred May 6, 2013
VIII Remi Monroe Phrixus Deimos None No Holds Barred April 28, 2014

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