Hall of Pain VI
Promotion World Wrestling Xistence
Brand(s) Fury
Date October 28, 2007
Venue The UIC Pavillion
City Chicago, Illinois
Attendance 9,465
Pay-per-view chronology
Two Front War Hall of Pain VI Phase Out
Hall of Pain chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Hall of Pain VI {{{nextevent2}}}

LIVE Sunday October 28th, 2007 - From the UIC Pavilion, on the University of Illinois Chicago campus.

  • Womens' Title

Athena Q. Lazzarus def. Satanica Lust and Mackenzi Kilala McCloud to gain the WWX Women's Championship.

  • TV Title

Falcon def. Dontel Marvelous Meyers to retain the WWX Television Championship.

  • International Title

Wasted Youth def. Mad Bronco to earn the WWX International Championship.

  • Race for the Case

Adora Cruz def. Evil Sped Eastin, Scott Dreamie, Rheinhardt and Egotripp for a money in the bank 1-year World Title shot guarantee.

  • WWX World Title

Rick Dreamie def. the long reigning champion, Tommy Lipton, for the WWX World Championship. Tommy Lipton takes a leave of absence to recover from a concussion caused by a vicious super-kick received weeks earlier.

  • ENTOMBED Match

The Lost Soul vs. Ethan Cavanaugh is fought to a draw as the enigmatic Halloween interferes sparking a short lived alliance between the Druid and Cavanaugh.

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