World Extreme Championship Wrestling
Name A Scott
D.O.B 08/04/90
Wrestler Commonly Associated With Chris Jericho
Debut October 2007
E-Federations WXCW and a free agent in all others.


My favorite wrestler is John Cena. The Champ is here.


I'm new to E-Wrestling and usually use Chris Jericho. I tend to be a face wrestler with occasional steps into the bad side of wrestling depending on the angle I'm rping through. I have an E-Federation of my own called WXCW with two brands, Extreme and Genesis. I have two characters on there with one being Chris Jericho and the other being the admin. In the sites that I have been to, I haven't found any satisfying sites. They all want to prevent me from using Chris Jericho or another real life wrestler. Recently, though, I have remade WXCW and created a new age ECW at these links: & . Since I've started with E-Wrestling, I've slowly become better, being a part of WIW, a affiliated wrestling rpg. I've never won a title with any wrestler I've rp'd as even in my own promotions, choosing a more humble path. I am currently available to join any promotion. To inquire of my services, email me at

Titles and Achivements

None yet.

See Also

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