Aaron 'Ron' Kehl
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Height 6'1"
Weight 300 pounds
Date of birth September 13th, 1983
Place of birth Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Debut May 25th, 1999
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Aaron Kehl, better known in the e-fedding community as Ron, is an American handler of a wide variety of characters and personalities. Ron is well known for his incendiary personality and scathing roleplays.

Introduction to E-Wrestling

Ron accidentally discovered e-wrestling by stumbling across a link to the comewhat comedic fan-fiction e-fed the Author Avatar Association. Rather liking the concept he put the term e-fed into a search engine, and promptly joined up with the first result.



Ron's first and longest lasting character. The Dark Man, who stole the nickname from The Stand's Randall Flagg, has been Ron's primary character throughout nearly all of his years in e-fedding.

Desolation has progressed from a generic American Military gimmick though a number of identities, adopting the mystic Lord Blade heel gimmick in one federation, adopting the original soldier persona to that of a mercenary tweener which ran until the adoption of the Desolation persona, which in and of itself has grown from mysterious heel to ass-kicking tweener who alternates between mocking parody and deadly seriousness.

Hellkat, Hellkitten, Predator

Three names for the same character, yikes.

Hellkat was essentially found4ed for the sole reason of allowing Ron to practice the use of Poser 4, meaning a new image of Hellkat every roleplay.

Kat rather unique persona is a mix of ferocity, felicity, and feline, sporting full body rosettes tattoos and orange coloration, as well as the cat's eye contact lenses make her appear very intimidating and predatory.

Which of course is ruined the moment she opens her mouth. Happy, bubbly, and very stream-of-consciousness in her promos, Hellkat wanders all over the place with her topics, accuses her opponents of being space aliens, and ranting about Canadian conspiracies to steal Wisconsin cheese.

OOC Life

He doesn't have one. Seriously. All his time is spent on the computer roleplaying, e-fedding, playing games, or looking at furry porn. Or writing it. Yuck.

Ron lives in a small town of 1300 in rural Minnesota with his mother and younger siblings, lacking a driver's license, he is currently unable to find a job and feels increasingly constricted by his mother's Fundamentalist Christian belief system.

Ron is a very avid reader and is capable of reading a typical 400 page novel in 2-4 hours, has a documented IQ of 150, and is a very quick learner. When he wants to be.

Ron's primary non-fedding hobbies are the aforementioned writing of, and looking at, furry porn, tabletop roleplaying games, and reading and listening to things of s skeptical nature.

I'm such a dork it isn't even funny.

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