Hannibal Tobias Caine
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Ring Names Hannibal Caine
Hannibal Cane
Caine The Destroyer
Height 6 ft 1 in (185.42cm)
Weight 235 lb (106.59kg)
Date of birth November 1st, 1964
Place of birth Aransas Pass, Texas
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Resides Eden Falls Ranch, Texas
Billed from Aransas Pass, Texas
Trainer Kenji Mutoh
Mr. Showtime
Ander Carvetti
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Win/Loss Record 79-12-38
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Retired August 1st, 2010

Hannibal Tobias Caine (Born November 1st, 1964), better known by his ring name Hannibal Caine, was formerly an American professional wrestler and is now a performing artist and author best known for his time in both the XFC, GWI, NEW and despite controversy, was a well known member of the Ultimate Internet Wrestling Federation.

Hannibal was often been praised for his creativity and his character was believed by many to be one of the greatest wrestling characters in history. Often being cited as the inspiration for many of today’s up and coming superstars. Especially looked up to in the region of innovation, development and of course his uncanny and sometimes unbelievable willingness to put his body on the line for entertainment of his fans around the world.

Professional wrestling career

Early career


Hannibal posing for Outback Honour Wrestling, circa 1984.

Caine entered the wrestling business in mid 1983 as Caine The Destroyer, billed and looking distinctly heavier than we have ever known him. Where he very quickly became renowned among local Indy federations for his unorthodox style and bad attitude, steamrolling the competition and using a very technical and amateur style, very different from as we have known him today. Causing every one of his opponents to tap out to his modified gogoplata, nicknamed the Spinal Trauma by both his opponents and the commentators in the companies he competed in, remaining undefeated until he came across a small (now defunct) Indy federation based in his home town of Aransas Pass, Texas. Called Outback Honour Wrestling.

It was here that Hannibal again as Caine The Destroyer, came across Daemon Beckton a former professional boxer who had turned to professional wrestling after an injunction was filed against him by the WBC (The World Boxing Consortium) for using dirty and illegal tactics to win his boxing bouts. Beckton and Caine had their first match at the federations weekly show, broadcasted on a locally owned TV station. Daemon hit Caine with a gigantic right hand within the few minutes of the match that literally knocked Caine unconscious, sadly this would be the start of Hannibal's downfall whilst a member with OHW. For months, the two violently brawled, week in week out, without actually being booked to compete. During what would be their final encounter, Beckton, enraged, picked up Caine and hurled him towards the ring apron, Hannibal smashed into the apron and landed badly on the concrete flooring around him, damaging a disk that fragmented shards of bone into his spinal column. The first of many serious back injuries that would threaten his professional wrestling career. Hannibal disappeared from OHW and never returned, it was whilst recovering from his injury that Hannibal changed his gimmick and began wrestling under his birth name, also, changing his wrestling style and appearance drastically.

Canadian Professional Wrestling (1985-1987)

In 1985, Hannibal Caine re-entered the wrestling business using his birth name and sporting a totally new gimmick, a very slight variation on what has now become synonymous with Hannibal as an in ring performer. Sporting a handlebar like moustache and an almost shaved head, also, devoid of any body ink that now covers much of his arms and chest. Caine took this new look and feel to the small but reasonably well known Canadian Professional Wrestling promotion. Unlike many of the large professional wrestling federations or promotions of today, CPW, at the time, didn't have a large television station or network to support their weekly and pay per view schedule, most of their weekly shows being shown late at night on syndicated local television stations and their PPV buy rate was supported solely by VHS purchases, pay per view's recorded and sold on site by the CPW production crew. It was on late night local television that Hannibal made his debut, entering the ring in the simple ring attire that again, as with the attitude has become a mainstay with the character. It was within his few weeks in competition with CPW that Hannibal was placed into a tag team tournament, to crown new Canadian Tag Team Champion's after the previous champions Two Finger Salute (Consisting of Johnny Knotts and Reggie Wayker) were refused Canadian work visas and both were forced to return to the United States. Hannibal, was paired with another performer who had only recently join the company, a travelling American wrestler, wrestling under the ring name of Waylon Klebitz. Both men performed weekly as a tag team, without receiving a tag team name or a finishing move to use in the ring, despite being dubbed as 'The Ultimate Odd Couple' by most fans and the local sporting media. After three weeks of qualifying competitions and multiple backstage disagreements, both Caine and Klebitz we're scheduled to face another of the last qualifying teams. That team being former Canadian Tag Team Champion's, The Steeler Brothers.

Hannibal and Klebitz defeated the Steeler Brothers in almost record time. This marking the very first time that Hannibal held championship gold, in either singles or tag team competition. Despite this championship win, after a rocky six month championship reign, the team was split up after Klebitz and Hannibal engaged in a backstage altercation, rumours and reports suggesting had Caine accused his estranged of steroid abuse (Something frowned upon, but at the time not illegal). Klebitz denied the claim and violently lashed out at Hannibal, attempting to stab Caine with a pocket knife produced from his bag. It was soon after this event that Klebitz was apprehended and arrested and charged with assault, with Caine legally disallowed from defending the belts alone, he was stripped as champion. After the Canada State Sporting Commission forced the CPW management to strip Hannibal of his championship's, they came to an agreement with both CPW and Caine, enabling him to cash in a Canadian Heavyweight Championship shot at a date of his choosing, as a way of appeasing the situation. Hannibal cashed in this championship shot in at CPW's debut pay per view event (The name of which cannot be disclosed in this article due to Canada State Sporting Commission copyright agreements) headlining the event against the then champion, Jack Whitaker, a prolific Canadian professional wrestler who was undefeated after almost a year as the title holder. The two men engaged in the type of fight that had rarely been seen in professional wrestling at the time, one of the earliest showcases of Hannibal's tenacity and ability to brawl, as opposed to just wrestle. After a match lasting almost fifty minutes, Caine locked in the signature hold that he perfected during his earlier career, causing the then champion to submit for the first time in his career. After a mere few months as the champion, CPW entered some financial difficulties that resulted in CPW being liquidated and it's assets placed in the hands of the CSSC.

World Wrestling Battlefield (1994-1999)


Amber Whiteley, Caine's second wife.

After leaving Japan and returning to the United States, Hannibal continued to define his gimmick and legacy, competing in multiple small indy federations stretching the length and breadth of the country from Jersey to Florida. For roughly two years, he moved around the states before coming across a New York City based federation, operating under the name the World Wrestling Battlefield. It was at WWB that Caine ended up spending one of the longest stints of his career only comparable to his time in Japan as a member of the NJPW. Hannibal entered the company with his same, cocky disrespectful attitude which not only came across during his time in the ring but also during his time backstage. Debuting on February 1st, Hannibal’s first few months we’re reasonably uneventful, taking place in mid card bouts with established competitors, both new to the WWB and otherwise. Caine's first challenge came when he booked on his first Battlefield pay per view event, Warpath, taking on a former WBB Heavyweight Champion in the form of Gideon Marsden with the WWB International Championship on the line, held by Marsden. At that the event, on July 11th, Caine came up short against Marsden, with the match reaching a stage where both competitors had suffered such heavy blood loss, in a controversial decision, the referee was forced to end the match. With a result similar to that of a count out or a disqualification, Marsden took home the championship but was left with a promise by Caine that their little rivalry was not over.

The two feuded for the next six months, leading up to a match at WWB's ten year anniversary pay per view event, Clash Of The Titans. On January 9th 1996, the two men fought for the championship in a stipulation rematch, where both men were locked inside the confines of a twenty five foot high steel cage. A stipulation pinned to several of the matches on the higher card that night. With the match lasting well into the half an hour mark, both men had sustained remarkable beatings from their opponent. Towards the end of the match, Gideon began to scale the cage, reaching a mid point on the steel before Hannibal jumped to his feet in an attempt to counter his escape. Jumping onto the ropes, Caine sprung himself towards Marsden and thundered into him with a massive springboard dropkick, sending Gideon from the cage, fifteen feet down to the canvas. Caine then scaled the cage and climbed outside to claim victory and the championship.

Hannibal was of course declared the winner and successfully obtained his first piece of championship gold since returning to the United States from his stint in Japan. Hannibal entered the record books soon after defeating Marsden, holding the championship for a record twenty four months, undefeated both when defending the title and when in regular singles/team competition. Towards the end of 1998, still holding the championship Hannibal was set to defend against Gideon again who was now being managed and financially supported by the companies CEO. The match itself was unremarkable, with all of the regular spots and excitement taking place all until the final few minutes. A mere three count away from victory, Hannibal was stopped in his tracks by Marsden's manager, Richard Blake. Believing Caine to be a stale paper champion, Blake produced a pair of brass knuckles and used them to knock Caine out whilst the referee was distracted. Once he left the ring, Marsden covered Caine for the pinfall and won his championship back, two years after loosing it in the first place. Caine appealed to the board of directors, only to have his appeal denied and marked down to a mere scandal by Blake in an attempt to cover his tracks. Caine soon handed in his notice, citing backstage politics as his main reason for departure.

It was also during his appeal process that Caine met Amber Whiteley, WWB's main legal representative and the woman given the job of handling Caine's claim of unfair dismissal during his lawsuit against the WWB. It was during these legal proceedings that Hannibal and Amber began an unprofessional and frowned upon sexual relationship. Resulting in Amber being fired from WWB's employment shortly before Caine chose to leave the company. Press releases claiming it was due to the relationship being a breach of her contract.

Extensive training in United States/Japan (1999)

In January, 1999, after leaving the World Wrestling Battlefield, both Amber and Hannibal relocated to Texas, where Caine was born. Buying a ranch near Hannibal's birth town of Aransas Pass, Texas. Naming the ranch Eden Falls after both his grandfather and great grandfathers places of rest, both of whom had been buried in a small private cemetery known locally as Eden Falls on the outskirts of Aransas Pass. This brief period of time away from the ring, allowed Hannibal to rest up both nagging back and knee injuries, as well as train in new styles of wrestling and do his best to adapt as he could with the years, with the business rapidly evolving around him, leaving the old school style wrestler behind. It was during this time that Hannibal got in contact with Keiji Mutoh, a former opponent and friend that he met whilst working for the Japanese Wrestling Association, Mutoh under the guise of The Great Muta had defeated Hannibal for the Japanese International Heavyweight Championship only six weeks after Hannibal won the championship.

Mutoh, who was working in the United States at the time, travelled to Texas and stayed with the Caine family in order for the two men to train together. Hannibal took into account all that Mutoh had taught him, especially a submission move that became one of the mainstay's within Caine's repertoire. Stepping away from the traditional, punch up, drag out style of brawling that Caine had become accustomed to. It was also under the wing of the veteran Keiji that Hannibal began developing his technical style, even starting utilize his legs much more than in previous competition. As the year drew to a close, Mutoh was offered another stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling, to which he agreed, on the condition that Hannibal could return to Japan with him. After arranging for tenants to maintain the Caine family ranch whilst they were away, Amber and Caine with Keiji Mutoh travelled to Japan to work with the biggest promotion the country has ever seen, the NJPW. The very place Caine would reached some of his highest points of fame and notoriety.

New Japan Pro Wrestling (1999-2005)

On November 3rd, 1999, Hannibal Caine made his NJPW debut. Entering the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, Hannibal was booked to face off against Manabu Nakanishi, who by '99 had already established himself a fully fledged, home-grown talent. Caine entered the ring to a new theme and baring the attire that we have all become accustomed to currently. A pair of tight black jeans, a tight black t-shirt and long soft wrist bands, a large metal belt buckle and black plimsolls. Hannibal entered at this time for the first time in his career to Fuel by Metallica, a theme that has now become synonymous with his entrance with wrestling fans the world over. Caine and Nakanishi went back and forth in a long and varied match, where Caine showcased the skills taught him to him by The Great Muta. Sadly, Hannibal came up short in what turned out to be an almost fifty minute match up. Regardless of this, once the bell had rung, Manabu pulled his opponent to his feet and both men shook hands in the centre of the ring with Nakanishi raising Caine's hand to a standing ovation by the crowd, it was this match and this match alone that cemented Hannibal in the hearts and minds of the main stream Japanese fans both in Tokyo and country wide. This defeat at the hands of Manabu would begin what would become a six year career in Japan that saw Hannibal stand toe to toe with some of the greatest Japanese wrestlers the world has ever seen as well as some of the greatest American performers. Who, like Hannibal went to Japan after receiving notoriety in America for their performances in the ring. Caine continued to perform to a high standard for the next year or so, before he begun to be recognised by the upper staff and began competing in higher card matches, even getting the chance to headline several pay per view events, broadcast worldwide on pay per view television stations, some even being picked up by large American television networks.


Satoshi Kojima, the man Hannibal Caine defeated to win his first IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

Over the coming few months Hannibal faced off against some of the highest talent that the NJPW had to offer, including the likes of Tiger Mask IV, Riki Chōshū and on several occasions some fast paced, varied and frantic match ups against Yoshihiro Asai otherwise known to the mainstream wrestling world as Último Dragón. These high calibre bouts and lengthy feuds with some of the countries greatest, led to Hannibal being booked against Jushin "Thunder" Liger in a number one contendership match for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, at the time being held by Satoshi Kojima. Jushin and Hannibal engaged in a one on one match up that went on for so long, it breached the one hour limit that the NJPW wrestling council enforced on all live televised events. The NJPW management made the creative choice to have Hannibal and Jushin Liger compete in a best of five series to determine the man who truly deserved the shot. One match a week, each held under different rules and regulations. The first match, was a straight wrestling match. A one fall contest that went to Hannibal. The second bout, was a submissions match which Liger won, causing Hannibal to tap when he locked in an Indian deathlock. A move generally considered to be part of Liger's signature collection. The third fall, also went to Liger, defeating Hannibal in a ladder match. The fourth match was won by Caine, who defeated Liger in a street fightesque rules match, the pin fall coming after Hannibal sent Liger reeling with a chair shot and quickly connected with his Hit The Lights finishing move. The final match, was billed as a cage match, the final surprise being set by the NJPW management was that there would be a special guest referee for the bout. That man being, Satoshi Koijma. The very man the winner of the match would be challenging for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

Mid way through the match, Hannibal believed that Satoshi was fast counting Liger on all of his pin attempts. As we have learned previously, Hannibal is always more than willing to express his opinion. Hannibal hit Satoshi with a heavy right hand, knocking the referee to the mat. Lifting himself to his feet, the champion called for the bell. Only for the request to be ignored and for one of the NJPW management to appear on the stage at the top of the ramp. He agreed that Satoshi had been fast counting Hannibal and instead, chose to continue the match with a different referee. That being, The Great Muta, Keiji Mutoh. The very man that trained Caine just two years before. Mutoh entered the ring in the guise of his 'Great Muta' character and called the match clean down the middle. Counting both of Liger's and Caine's pin attempts with equal timing and precision. With the minutes quickly approaching the hour limit, Caine began to climb the cage and in desperation, Liger attempted to pull Hannibal down. Caine jumped from the cage wall, span in the air and drilled Liger in the head with a thunderous roundhouse kick, knocking his opponent to the floor, enabling him to gain the three count and in the end, the number one contendership for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. On February 15th, 2004 in Tokyo, Hannibal and Satoshi we're booked to headline the final night of the Fighting Spirit tour with the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on the line. Satoshi and Hannibal both entered the ring with a highly anticipated match up ahead, with a sold out crowd at the Nippon Budokan arena. Hannibal and Satoshi gave each other fierce competition, with both men gaining the upper hand multiple times during the bout. The turning point being when Kojima, attempted to land a flying axe handle from the top rope and was caught by Caine, in mid air with a roundhouse kick. Something he would later utilize as his finishing move. As the match moved forward, Satoshi's defence dropped as he became fatigued and tired, whereas Hannibal's conditioning managed to keep him one step ahead of the champion. The end to the match finally came after an hour time limit had been passed (ignored by the timekeeper) and as the live crowd willed the match to continue, Hannibal spring boarded off the ropes and caught Satoshi in the head with his patented tidal wave roundhouse kick the Ride The Lightning. With Koijima dropped and down for the count, Caine added insult to injury, locking in the Japanese submission move, Sankagujime. Branded by Caine as Through The Never. Satoshi didn't tap but was unable to answer the three arm drop count applied to him, resulting in him giving up and Hannibal being declared the winner of the match.

Caine defended his championship with pride and received great press and support from the Japanese fans and performers alike. Defeating many of his former adversaries and again, fueding with "Thunder" Liger over the championship, much like he had the previous year over a shot at the title. As December approached and 2005 loomed, it became clear that Hannibal would be in need of a new challenger and so, the NJPW, sanctioned the New Year Gold Series, which placed the best of the NJPW's talent against one another in a number one contender style situation. The finals of the tournament we're reached in January of '05, after two months of straight, fast paced, electric competition, the two finalists in the tournament being the former champion and the very same man Hannibal defeated a year prior, Satoshi Kojima and Keiji Mutoh, under the guise of his Great Muta gimmick. Kojima defeated The Great Muta by submission and went on to face Hannibal on On February 20th, 2005. A match that took place under No DQ rules at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, the same arena that Hannibal made his debut at in 1999. On February 20th, 2005, Hannibal and Satoshi faced off for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in a match, dubbed the rematch of the century by the media. Held under no disqualification rules at the request of Caine, the match was given no time limit and no rules. Essentially making it a free for all for the first man to get the pin or submission. Both men pushed themselves to the limit but the advantage was gained by Kojima when he snatched a chair from one of the ring side announcers. What followed was an act some believe was perpetrated as revenge for the previous year’s transgressions, where Satoshi pinned Hannibal up against the ring post and continuously smashed the chair into his knee cap, weakened earlier in the match due to a fall from the ropes onto the ring apron. Despite being begged by a badly injured Caine and the official, Satoshi refused to stop, causing the bell to be called for. Satoshi was disqualified but after assessment, Hannibal was deemed unable to compete and was forced to vacate the title.

Hiatus & Recovery (2005)

The following week saw the vacated belt be defended in a three way elimination match, between Satoshi, Mutoh and "Thunder Liger, a match which was eventually won by Keiji Mutoh beating Satoshi after a tidal wave kick similar to that of Hannibal's. A match that Caine was forced to watch from the confines of his apartment. Hannibal was kept under contract (albeit benched) with NJPW until the end of February when he was told he would need major surgery and extensive therapy to repair the damage done by Kojima, whose chair shots and attacks shattered Hannibal's patella into several sharp fragments. Caine and Amber returned to Eden Falls Ranch in Texas, where they stayed for most of the year, Caine underwent surgery to repair his knee and once he was discharged from hospital, his leg in a cast, began to undergo therapy to repair and strengthen the knee encase of further injury in the future. In December of 2005, Hannibal and Amber's first child was born, a healthy baby girl that the pair named Gemma. Now having a larger family to support and his knee on the mend, with the repaired bone formation almost healed, Caine deemed it the right time to begin wrestling again. It was also whilst recovering from his surgery that Caine first came across a young and inexperienced Joey Marano. Whilst away from the ring, Caine received a letter from a former business contact informing him of the UiWF also known as the Ultimate Internet Wrestling Federation. It was here, after joining the Wired roster, that Hannibal would spend the next two and a half years of his career.

Ultimate Internet Wrestling Federation (2006-2008)

It was on the 13th August, 2006 that Caine made his on screen debut with the UIWF working under the ring name of Hannibal Cane in order to avoid any form of confusion with one of the then UiWF World Champion's; Jack Kaine. Hannibal debuted on the lower card show called Wired, starting off by taking on other new and lower card superstars. The first feud that Hannibal engaged in, was with a UiWF regular known as 'The Curtain Jerker' Dean Jones, a young, cocky performer with a certain distaste for his fellow wrestlers. Hannibal and Jones took on each other weeks, on and off in order to try and gain the upper hand, each time with Jones coming off better against Caine. It was very early in his UiWF career when Hannibal was brought on board by Drake Matthews, the Wired general manager at the time, Matthews was planning to form a faction in order to seize control of the show and ensure that no one would hold the championships or gain advantages other than than his group. Despite Hannibal joining Butch Kennedy, Matt Enigma and Philip Adams to become the final member of The Revolution, Caine to attacked Butch Kennedy and defeat him for his UiWF European Championship. After a three week reign as the European Champion, Hannibal took a fall in the ring and fell onto the metal ring barrier surrounding the ringside area, shattering a spinal fragment in the small of his back and causing him to take a leave of absence. His hiatus, although brief saw a very large change in the man. It was also during this time, that the UIWF show Wired was merged with the higher weekly carded event Fever. Soon after this draft, Hannibal adopted his real name and dropped the ring name he had used previously, due to the departure of Jack Kaine from the company.

After returning to the ring, it wasn't long before Hannibal found another feud, this time being with Ander Carvetti. During a backstage altercation, Matt Enigma and Hannibal approached the newly signed Ander Carvetti. Reports allude to the fact that Hannibal didn't believe he should have been booked against such an unknown talent and that in reality, he had earned his spot on the roster and shouldn't have to justify himself against the new wrestler. This resulted in Carvetti and Caine going back and forth with each other for upwards of two weeks. Ander gaining a distinct advantage over the first few bouts. Only for the two to eventually accept a mutual respect for each other and have since become very close friends. It was also as a member of the UiWF roster that Hannibal found Dexter Damage, a man that would prove to be the most frequent and blood thirsty adversary that Hannibal has ever seen. Dexter and Hannibal developed a very, very personal hatred, at times even involving their respective tag team partners. Dexter with his partner Eagle and Hannibal with Ander Carvetti. This violent and widespread rivalry eventually came to a partial head when Hannibal earned the chance to challenge Dexter Damage for his UiWF Television Championship with Omen in on the match as well. During the course of the match, Hannibal knocked Dexter out and threw him over the ring rope before hitting Omen with his finisher and pinning him, the champion got away lucky but Caine still earned his second piece of UiWF Championship gold.

Dexter damage

Dexter Damage, circa 2007, during his and Hannibal's heated feud.

It was also as the UiWF Television Champion that Caine began to feud with his former tag team partner and friend, Matt Enigma. Even loosing the championship to him at one point, before gaining it back the week after. During the rivalry, Hannibal claimed that Enigma didn't deserve a title shot and didn't deserve a spot on the UiWF roster because of his constant and frequent disappearances and blatant disregard for written contractual obligations, something Enigma did not take lightly to. As the UiWF TV Champion, Hannibal travelled to Japan with Ander Carvetti, being asked to compete at an NJPW show by his former employers. Hannibal agreed, unbeknownst to him, this was in a breach of his UiWF exclusivity contract. When Hannibal returned to the United States, he was suspended for a week and during said time, promised that upon his return, he would begin his rise to challenge for the UiWF World Heavyweight Championship. A title, at the time being held by Psychosis, who had been unbeaten and unpinned for over eighteen months, instigating a reign of terror among the UIWF roster as the leader of a vicious faction called The Dark Circle. Caine returned to the ring a week after and indeed, began his rise to the top, first, starting by teaming with John Cena in facing two members of The Dark Circle Vein & Disturbed for the UiWF World Tag Team Championship. A match that Caine and Cena won, making himself a double champion. This act was soon followed by Caine's employment of the former UiWF Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page as his manager. A man who very soon, led Hannibal to the UIWF 2008 Royal Rumble. Weeks before the Rumble, it was announced that Hannibal would be facing Psychosis and Ander Carvetti for the UiWF World Heavyweight Championship. Also facing Philip Adams and Josh Clemmons (formerly Rigormortis X) with John Cena to defend their coveted UiWF World Tag Team Championship titles and finally, he would be competing as one of thirty men in the actual Royal Rumble match.

It was at the UiWF 2008 Royal Rumble that Hannibal truly showed his tenacity, talent and pure determination. In one of the first matches of the night, he successfully defended his UiWF World Tag Team Championship with John Cena at his side, quickly moving onto his second match of the evening. With Ander and Caine handling much of the match, overpowering Psychosis on multiple occasions, it seemed definite that a new champion would be crowned that night. This was soon confirmed as Hannibal pinned Psychosis to eliminate him from the match, being the first man to do so in over eighteen months, despite this, Ander soon took advantage of the situation and hit his old friend with his finishing move, quickly pinning him to win the championship. Despite being disheartened, Caine shook his friends hand and the two agreed that one day, they would go one on one, with that belt on the line. The last match of the night, saw Hannibal enter the Royal Rumble in third place and he would go on to last until the final two, taking on the likes of New Jack, Ric Flair, Shane Douglas and even at one point, his own father, Marcus Caine. The last two men however, came down to Dean Jones and Hannibal Caine, where Jones was tossed from the ring, Caine assumed victory, only to be tricked by Jones who leapt over the ropes and dumped Hannibal over to the outside to win the match and the UiWF World Heavyweight Championship shot against Ander Carvetti. Hannibal stood to a standing ovation from the fans, proving from tonight, that he is indeed the man and competitor he has always laid claim to being. Over the coming months, with nagging injuries and several backstage issues arising, Hannibal felt it was right to leave. Not before telling his general manager at the time, Chris Rollz exactly what he thought of his work and the people he associates with. This, led to Caine being fired from his UiWF contract in March 2008, technically still being a recognised holder of one of the UiWF World Tag Team Championship titles. One of the last title holders named on record before the company went into liquidation and closed in mid 2008 due to failing management and financial issues.

Global Wrestling Incorporated (2008)

On April 3rd 2008, Hannibal Caine debuted on GWI Live television charging towards the ring to save his former UiWF comrade, Philip Adams, from an attack at the hands of Dexter Damage and Thomas Valiant (working under the ring name, Tommy Ramone). Hannibal hit the ring, nailed his finishing move on Damage and drilled Ramone with a chair, sending both men flying from the ring. Shortly after, he picked up Adams and raised his hand into the air before hitting him with his own finishing move, officially making his mark on the company. Something that over the next few weeks, did not sit well with Tommy Ramone. Over the following weeks, both Caine and Ramone exchanged words and much more backstage, leading to the two men being booked in a Chicago Street Fight at the debut PPV of GWI, Reloaded. May 18th 2008 rolled around and the opening match of the night, was where Hannibal and Ramone finally got the chance to settle the score. It was here, that Ramone took full advantage of the rules or lack thereof at hand and went at Hannibal with everything he had. The assault began when Tommy threw Hannibal into the unpadded ring apron, smashing the bottom of his previously injured back into the ring with full force. Ramone continued the assault, getting a hold of a chair and after throwing Hannibal into the ring, continued to dish out the damage, smashing the chair into his lower back time and time again, further damaging the already weak spine of his opponent. Tommy then proceeded to drag Hannibal, who by now was almost lifeless, into the ring and set up a table, taking Caine to the top of the corner post and throwing him through the table from six feet above the ring, now doing the final bit of damage to Hannibal's spine.


Hannibal at a Global Wrestling Incorporated press event as acting CEO. Announcing the close venture for financial reasons.

Ramone pinned Hannibal quickly and left the ring, quickly followed by EMT's entering the ring and removing Caine on a spinal board. Tommy's violent attack at the pay per view, resulted in a disk in Hannibal's back being broken, which splintered into his spinal column, effectively crippling the ageing superstar. Caine went on the record the week after the PPV, admitting that Tommy's attack had confined him to a wheelchair and that he would officially be retiring from professional wresting, despite choosing to undergo surgery and therapy in an attempt to somehow, walk again one day. With the broadcast of the July 10th edition of GWI ThrowDown we we're shown a very short vignette of Hannibal promising that one day he would get out of his chair and seek revenge on the man that put him there, although this was later confirmed to be a publicity stunt to help trigger a raise in ratings for the new show. In September of 2008, on the 27th, Daniel Scott, the acting CEO of GWI was arrested for the murder of his family and the then acting general managers we're forced to choose a new chief executive officer, Travis Blaine of ThrowDown and Beth Queens of Catastrophe were the people asked to make that choice.

As the crowd waited in anticipation for announcement, Fuel blasted from the PA system and Hannibal made his way out from behind the curtain, minus the wheelchair. The stunned GWI crowd was then told that Caine was the companies new CEO and that the first order of business would be that he would forced the man that crippled him, to face Lucifer Hawks in a steel cage match at the end of the broadcast. Sadly, during the night, a massive storm struck the GWI island and the brodcast was trashed. The following week, whilst the company and the GWI foundation attempted to repair the arena it was revealed that most of the money GWI used for it's productions was tied up in frozen accounts in Daniel Scott's name meaning it could not be accessed. This was later contributed to by the fact that Daniel Scott sold his shares shortly before his arrest. After a few months in limbo, the company was purchased by Travis Blaine and The Big Guy the former owners of the company that proceeded GWI, the Xtreme Fighting Championship. Along with ownership of the island, the purchase of GWI by the XFC consortium also meant they purchased the active competition contracts of all those under employment by GWI and Daniel Scott, Caine included.

Xtreme Fighting Championship (2009)

Caine returned to the ring on March 3rd, 2009 at the XiAH pay-per-view, and reignited his feud with Dexter Damage. Damage had returned to professional wrestling alongside Chris Rollz as Murder Inc., a transaction all a part of the buy out of the UIWF by the XFC management and the integration of the former UIWF talent into the XFC roster. At the XiAH pay per view, Hannibal returned from an almost year long ring hiatus to take part in a Last Man Standing match designed for either man to prove who was the better competitor. Caine defeated Damage after a drag out, knock down brawl that spread the length and span of the arena, finally ending with Hannibal slamming Dexter through a flaming table and putting him down for the ten count.

Almost immediately after the match, Hannibal disappeared, not even appearing at the 'fan fest' event the following weekend. It was on the April 7th edition of XFC's Killer Instinct III that the staff received a tape, essentially depicting Hannibal Caine's apparent suicide. A funeral was held by the Caine family at Eden Falls Cemetery in Texas, where Hannibal's father Marcus had been buried only two years before. A farewell event was held at the opening of Killer Instinct III and throughout the night, superstars that we're both friends and adversaries of Hannibal's spoke on the man, the wrestler and in some cases, the friend they had become so close to during their years in the business. Many superstars and even the media questioned the authenticity of the tape, due to the fact that the Caine family, namely his mother, refused to show the body at the funeral or even to in fact confirm a body had been found. To this day, the memorial service XFC held in Hannibal's name, still remains in the record books and touched the hearts of fans all over the world, that along with the XFC, stopped to mourn the loss of such an influential figure in professional wrestling history.

Return to Independents (2009)

In September 2009, Hannibal resurfaced with no explanation of where he has been and why exactly it appears he staged his own suicide. Currently, Hannibal is known to be taking bookings by any independent federations, citing his need for a smaller company. Having grown tiresome of the ego's, politics and animosity that comes from the big, branded wrestling federation’s, this search for a new place to compete began and seemingly ended with Supreme Wrestling. Most recently, Hannibal entered contractual discussions with another American based federation, marketed and branded under the name Chaotic Pro Wrestling a federation rumoured to be in the midst of a merger with Supreme Wrestling. A company that just a month ago, filed an injunction against Caine to prevent him from becoming a part of their official roster.

New Era Wrestling (2010)

On Mar 27th 2010, Hannibal made his official return to the ring, accompanied by his fiancée Debbie Meadows, joining a small New York based federation on a basic week by week contract. Without any form of hype or build up, Hannibal made his return to the business, cutting a basic video promo at NEWs' debut supershow Evolution. It was later in that evening that Caine would approach Joey Marano, his former friend and protégé offering him general support and advice whilst Joey attempted to climb the ranks. Marano however, reacted badly and told Hannibal he didn't need his help and wouldn't for the foreseeable future. Caine took this as a shock but left Marano to his own devices and moved onto the next week. The following week, Hannibal made his in ring debut with NEW against Blake "The Snake" Blomberg, a little known name who was also just getting his start with New Era. Hannibal and Blake had a close match, illustrated by their similar fighting styles and attitudes which ended with Hannibal taking out Blake and debuting a new finishing move. One only previously seen marginally at UiWF. Later in that evening, Caine approached Marano once again, this time, in an attempt to apologise for his mistakes. Joey once again disrespected his former mentor and walked away from Caine, leaving Hannibal in not only a state of shock but a state of anger. The following week Hannibal was booked in a tag team match that pitted Hannibal and Dexter Damage against Butch Kennedy and Joey Marano. Mid way through the match, whilst Dexter and Caine beat down Joey, Kennedy walked away from the ring essentially throwing his partner to the wolves. At the end of the match, after pinning Marano, Hannibal took a hold of a microphone and threw a challenge at Joey for the two to face off at NEW's next supershow, Bloodlust in a street fight. With Hannibal claiming that Joey wishes to become the man and in order to be the man, you have to beat the man.

The next week, at NEW's sixth show since it's inception, Hannibal cut a promo calling out Joey, saying that he needs to prove he can be the man he says he is and in order to do that he needs to defeat him at the super show,. In the sanctioned street fight. Joey did not reply however and was only heard from in the week leading up to the super show, a match that quickly turned from a competition into an all out, broken teeth, shattered bones brawl. Joey and Caine battled from the ring out into the crowd, where Caine was quickly busted open. Joey using both a steel chair and the announce tables to create a large, bleeding gash on Caine's forehead. It was towards the end of the match where both men led each other to the top of part of NEW's stage set. A large, glass and steel projector thirty feet above the arena floor. The two men brawled upon the scaffolding where Joey chose to do something that would not only change the direction of the match but also damage Caine beyond any conceivable belief. Joey squirted lighter fluid in Hannibal's face and then set his opponent alight, causing second degree burns to the entire left side of Hannibal's body, mainly effecting his face and torso/arms. Caine out of desperation, kicked Joey between the legs and hit him with his patented right hand, knocking Marano through the projector screen and plummeting thirty feet to the arena floor, not before crashing through a set of wooden techgear tables that littered the floor below them. Caine then, as history has taught us, took another death defying risk by throwing himself from the scaffolding, dropping the same height and landing on Joey, driving an elbow directly into his adversaries heart. Pinning him for the three count and eventually, the win.


Johnny Holliday otherwise known as Mr. Showtime with the UiWF Heavyweight Championship upon his return to New Era Wrestling.

This victory was short lived, albeit impressive as Caine's celebrations were soon cut short, by a returning Mr. Showtime Johnny Holliday. A former close friend and sometime parter of Caine's during his various stints in other organisations. Despite this, the Johnny Holliday that made his presence known on that night, was not the same friend he had encountered previously. Holliday displayed an attitude that showed jealously, spite and hatred for Caine's new found fame as a member of New Era. Holliday claimed that Caine was too old to continue fighting professionally and that, as a self proclaimed 'God' it was his place to put Hannibal out of his misery and retire him. This claim was of course met with distaste and anger from Caine, which not only boiled over at the PPV but at the next live NEW show, in Buffalo, New York two weeks later. Despite Hannibal not appearing live on the show (Partially due to treatment for second degree burns sustained at Bloodlust) Holliday did and faced Joey Marano, the same man Hannibal had defeated just two weeks prior. Showtime defeated Joey Marano with relative ease and then issued an ultimatum. Hannibal was to answer his threat of a retirement match by the end of Holliday's match at the next show or he would hunt Caine down and force him into retirement. This challenge of course, was met the next week in Edison, New Jersey.

Caine's return to the ring, terrible facial burns and all, took place at the end of Holliday's 'match' in Edison. Showtime showed up at the arena, dressed in a suit, not his wrestling gear and when he took to the ring, he wasn't met with a challenger but a former adversary from both XFC and UiWF. That man, being Black Man. Black Man, who is the last legal holder of the UiWF World Heavyweight Championship was contacted by Holliday during the week and was paid to hand over the UiWF Championship for a fee. Legally making Holliday a gold holder within the ranks of NEW. As he made his celebration speech he was challenged, but not by Caine. By Ander Carvetti. Returning to the business after a considerable leave of absence, Carvetti charged the ring and him and Holliday went at it, in a war of words. Carvetti attempting to ward Holliday off the idea of retiring his old friend, this entire discussion however was interrupted by the return of Hannibal himself. Jumping the guard rail with his famed monkey wrench and using it to attack Showtime from behind. After a brief scuffle, both Ander and Caine exchanged words, agreeing that Ander would take place in the supposed retirement match with Showtime. On that night, the terms were agreed. The three men would take part in a triple threat match at the upcoming Vindication pay per view, the stipulations being that the man who is pinned will be forced to retire from professional wrestling forever.

Retirement from professional competition


Ander Carvetti looking towards the ring at NEWtv 11, as Hannibal Caine is carried away by security and medical staff.

Hannibal at Vindication ready for what he believed would the fight of his career. After enduring some serious personal turmoil in the weeks leading up to the match Caine was finding it hard to focus coming into what could be his final match but knew he had to do what he could to try and salvage his career. The match began with Holliday somehow managing to handcuff Carvetti to a huge metal cross suspended above the entrance ramp, this, opened up the opportunity that Holliday had been looking for for over two months, the chance to retire Caine with no interference. What followed was an intense and violent brawl that saw Caine clock Holliday with a prosthetic leg, Holliday hurl Caine down a flight of stairs and eventually, one that saw Showtime put through the windshield of a parked limousine, all of this, culminated in Holliday and Caine somehow, ending back up in the ring. By this time, the match had been going for well over an hour and both men were blooded, exhausted and prepared to give in. Just as all seemed over, something incredible happened. Out of nowhere, Carvetti appeared back in the ring, having been removed from his shackles by none other than Debbie Meadows, Hannibal Caine's fiancée who until now, was believed missing after having been kidnapped by Thomas Valiant. Regardless, Caine and Carvetti then took it upon themselves to batter, beat and bloody Holliday further before, together, dragging him up the ramp and chaining him to the cross before having it hoisted above the ramp again. Leaving the two old friends to face off, one of which, would soon be forced to retire at the hand of the other.

Both men engaged in what could only be described as a brawl, which went on for almost another forty five minutes. During this time, both men hit their finishing moves and attempted to fight the fight multiple times, Carvetti even going so far as to take out Caine by sending BOTH of their bodies crashing through the announce table at ringside. Shortly after, Caine hit his finisher but couldn't quite get Carvetti to succumb to the three count, forcing Hannibal to admit defeat and drop to his knee's begging his oldest friend to end it how he had always wanted his career to end. At the hands of Carvetti. Ander tearfully obliged and hit Caine with his finishing kick to the head, the final headshot dropping Hannibal to the mat and then for the three count. Two weeks later, at NEWtv 11, Hannibal made a retirement speech and bid farewell to the wrestling world having wrestled his final match. Broken down and in tears, he was handed the UiWF Heavyweight Championship by Johnny Holliday, a symbol of all Caine had strived for during his thirty year career.


  • High School
    • Aransas Pass High School (Aransas Pass, Texas.) - Graduated Valedictorian
      • Member of the Aransas Amateur Wrestling team, State Champion (x2)
  • University
    • TAMU, Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas.) - Graduated w/ Honours Degree
      • BA Honours Degree in American Studies and Creative Digital Media

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • As Caine The Destroyer
      • Holocaust Lock / Spinal Trauma (Modified gogoplata)
    • As Hannibal Caine
      • SKULL FUCKED (Stone Cold Stunner)
      • Ride The Lightning (Tidal Wave Roundhouse kick to the head/face)
      • Hit The Lights (A stiff kick to the crotch/knock out punch)
      • Through The Never (Sankagujime/Custom strangle hold)
      • Operation Ground & Pound (Corner post combination)
  • Signature moves
    • BOOM! HEADSHOT! (Roundhouse kick to the head)
    • Crash Course in Dental Surgery (Busaiku Knee Kick, Running single leg high knee strike)
    • Nighty Night (Snap military press, dropped into a lifting kick to the face)
    • Falling double knee jawbreaker
    • Fisherman buster, sometimes from the top rope
    • Curb stomp
    • Neck breaker
    • Running arched big boot
    • Scoop power slam
    • Sitout suplex slam, sometimes from the top rope
    • Springboard or a missile dropkick
    • Tornado DDT spun into a throat first flapjack onto the top rope
    • Triangle choke
    • Turnbuckle powerbomb
  • Basic Moves
    • Stiff piledriver
    • Flying clothesline, axe handle
    • Multiple kick variations including
      • Roundhouse kick
      • Boots to gut/chest
      • Running corner big boot
    • Multiple DDT variations including
      • Spike DDT
      • Lifting DDT
      • Float-Over DDT
      • Snap DDT
    • European uppercut
    • Stinger splash
    • Short-arm clothesline
  • Weapon assisted signature moves
    • White Russian Legsweep (Russian legsweep with a kendo stick across the opponent's throat.)
    • Aransas Facebuster (Folded steel chair assisted leg drop.)
    • Van Caineinator (Folded steel chair assisted flying dropkick.)
    • Chair assisted drop toe hold
  • Managers
    • Drake Matthews
    • Marcus Caine
    • Ander Carvetti
    • Debbie 'Dee Dee' Meadows
  • Noteable Fueds
    • Dean Jones
    • Matt Enigma
    • Butch Kennedy
    • Omen
    • Dexter Damage
    • Rigormortis X
    • Philip Adams
    • Mike Wheeler
    • Ander Carvetti
    • Shane Douglas
    • Psychosis
    • Disturbed
    • Vein
    • Thomas Valiant
    • Joey Marano
    • Mr. Showtime
  • Nicknames
    • "The Destroyer"
    • "The American Nightmare"
    • "The Bastard"
  • Theme Songs
    • "Run To The Hills" performed by Iron Maiden (CPW/JWA/UFL)
    • "Taste Of Ink" performed by The Used (UIWF Wired)
    • "Frantic" performed by Metallica (UIWF Fever)
    • "Human" performed by Metallica (UIWF)
    • "Smile" performed by Parkway Drive (GWI)
    • "Fuel" performed by Metallica (UIWF/XFC/NJPW)
    • "Light In A Darkened World" performed by Killswitch Engage (NEW)
    • "No Leaf Clover" performed by Metallica (NEW)
    • "Fuel" (Remastered) performed by Metallica (PPW)

Professional controversies

Ultimate Internet Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

Despite his good nature and often open sense of humour, wherever he goes, controversy has always seemed to follow Hannibal and this came to light more so than anywhere, during his time as a member of the UIWF roster. Where Hannibal was fired twice and suspended once, each time for issues regarding his backstage attitude. The three most publicised events regard clashes with fellow former UIWF superstars Ander Carvetti (Which later turned out to be a work, kayfabe) and Dexter Damage. Caine's verbal manner and brutal honesty, have also come to light during disagreements with the UIWF's management, namely, Chris Rollz.

During his last tenure in the UIWF, Caine found himself clashing with Rollz over several matters, one being the ongoing bad blood between Dexter and Hannibal, Damage, being a close friend of Rollz. This issue, resulted in Hannibal being booked in several angles, involving him essentially playing a valet part to Ander Carvetti, who at the time was the UIWF Heavyweight Champion. This disagreement, led to Hannibal, who at the time was still holding the UIWF World Tag Team Championships with John Cena, to be immediately released from his contract. Whilst Dexter, due to his ties with management, remained a part of the federation until it's financial collapse and eventually, the closing of the UIWF.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Suspension from UiWF (2008)

In regards to his suspension whilst contracted with the UIWF, this in reality was caused by two things. Media outlets and the UIWF reported Hannibal's suspension was due to a breach of his exclusivity contract, during which time period, he visited Japan. Whilst in Japan, with Ander Carvetti, Caine agreed to perform with one of his former federations, the NJPW, where he defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to become the official recognised holder of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (The second of two reigns). This match and title win, was in fact in breach of his agreement with the UIWF which contributed to his suspension. Multiple backstage reports, including road agents and even Hannibal himself, have eluded to the fact that the suspension was actually caused by a backstage scuffle, surrounding around again, Dexter Damage and Hannibal. A disagreement regarding a scheduling conflict took place at UIWF HQ, that resulted in an all out brawl between Damage and Caine. Dexter suffering a broken nose and Hannibal a fractured jaw bone. A fight eventually broken up by Chris Rollz, Ander Carvetti, Jimmy Helmsley and various other road agents. Caine was imminently forced onto a leave of absence by his general manager, Chris Rollz and was told not to return until his attitude had changed.

Xtreme Fighting Championship scrutiny (2009)

Hannibal's attitude and loud mouth, once again, caused him to clash with Chris Rollz and Dexter Damage, now calling themselves 'Murder Inc' and performing at the reformed XFC as both singles and tag team wrestlers. At XFC's Extreme Interactive After Hours, Dexter Damage was booked to compete against a mystery opponent in a match of the fans choosing. A week before the event was due to be staged, it was announced that Hannibal would be returning from his forced, medical retirement to take on Dexter Damage one last time. This caused outrage among the roster and management alike, most people believing that Caine was over the hill and didn't believe he deserved to be given such a chance at such a big event. Regardless, the match went forward and Hannibal defeated Dexter Damage by causing him to stay down for the ten count. Standing to an ovation by the crowd afterwards. It was a mere few days after the match that the controversy seemed to emerge, Dexter Damage claiming that Hannibal had bribed backstage officials and the match's referee, causing the ten count to be sped up, therefore, cheating him out the win. These claims have been denied and shortly after said complaint was filed, Dexter Damage left the company. Refusing to work with corrupt officials. Shortly after, XFC folded. To this day, Hannibal has told the media and journalists that Dexter's claims are nothing but "Cheap rumours, invented to save the name and reputation of a man who can no longer hold his own in a professional wrestling ring. Despite his dissolutions about his talent and/or skill"

Caine interview

Caine being interviewed shortly after leaving XFC during an MTV special on his twenty year anniversary in the business.

Supreme Wrestling/Trish Newborn fiasco (2009)

Most recently, on the 9th of September, Hannibal supplied an application and written contract to the little know Supreme Wrestling company, the information having been forwarded to him by former partners and friends, Johnny Holliday and Ander Carvetti, both of which who are under contract with SW. Supreme Wrestling's management promptly denied the contract, claiming that some issues had arisen prior to the signing of the contract. During which, Hannibal offended two of the rosters active stars, Trish Newborn and Iron Heart. After receiving a letter of complaint from Trish Newborn, claiming that Caine had approached her and begun, without provocation, abusing her in regards to her sexual orientation and previous medical history. This accusation was taken by the management and used as evidence against Hannibal in the signing of his contract. SW then refused to employ Caine and have since, filed for an injunction to prevent him from competing with the company in the future. When asked by the media to comment on the situation, Hannibal was more than open about the predicament. Stating "This entire thing, is a mountain made out of a molehill. This is a lot of bad blood, spilling over from when Trish was more than vocal about her dislike for me during our time in XFC. I was simply taking the chance to be open about what I think of her. Some people simply need to understand that the world is NOT a protective bubble. When people wish to speak their mind, they have every right to do so and I simply exercised that right. Trish Newborn complained to management instead of doing what any self respecting competitor would have done, stand up for herself. This, as we know, has caused SW to reject my contract and have in turn contacted my attorney with the intention of filing an injunction against me, preventing me from competing with them in the near or far future. Regardless of whether Newborn is still under contract or not. Despite this, I still appreciate that SW has allot of good talent and I have some close personal friends under contract with them currently but, what I will say, is that if Trish Newborn considers approaching myself or my legal team in regards to the matter, I'll kick her fucking head in. Thanks, have a wonderful day."

New Era Wrestling/Troy Turner set up (2010)

Two weeks after facing Ander Carvetti and Johnny Holliday in what would be the final match of his career, Hannibal was set to stage a farewell event at the end of NEWtv's 11th event. This segment would see Caine make a speech, Ander make a tearful and heartfelt appearance and Johnny Holliday do the best to send off his old friend as best he could, with the entire NEW roster looking on in support. After the speeches had been made and Caine was set to leave the ring, he was alerted to the titan tron by Drake Matthews, NEW's current manager of talent relations, telling Hannibal he had a gift for him. This gift, turned out to be a distraction, by none other than Troy Turner. The biggest running heel in the company and the very same man who two weeks before had defeated Terry "The Ace King" Queens in a match that also sent Queens into retirement. As Caine looked to the screen, the supposed tribute turned into a video for Turner and not for Caine. This outrage was met with a barrage of abuse from Caine, Holliday, Carvetti and of course the audience. Moments after, Turner unscrewed the bolts holding the above lighting rig to the roof of the arena and gleefully watched as it fell to the ring. Holliday dived over to Caine and pulled him away from the structure as it fell down to the ring. Despite how things may have seemed, this was indeed not a planned 'angle' or a shoot.

Troy Turner was legitimately out to cripple Caine and end another storied career, of course, all in attempt to build for heat for himself as the companies top asshole. However, Caine had been informed of this plot by a member of NEW's security detail, warning him of Turner's plan and providing him with certain information on how any injury could be avoided, all whilst selling the storyline for both Turner and the fans to believe it was taking place for real. After being dragged from the ring and then from the arena by security staff, Holliday and Carvetti. It was revealed to the press outside of NEW, that this was indeed what the wrestling fraternity calls a 'shoot'. Caine's faked injury was in order to put over someone else and display that great, caring, veteran attitude that Hannibal has displayed his entire career. Originally Caine's agreement with NEW saw him stay with the company, as opposed to leaving and spending his time working as a trainer and road agent backstage. Keeping a close eye on the ring, but not actually stepping within it's confines. Instead, Travis Blaine and Troy Turner, hatched a plan to truly end Hannibal's career and put over Turner as the top money earner in the company. Of course, backstage, chaos ensued with certain members of the NEW roster voicing how they felt about the situation. Something that resulted in Judge Death, Johnny Holliday, Edgar Crane, Ander Carvetti and Rex Cleeveej being released from their contracts permanently and Hannibal moving on to new ventures. When asked about the events that took place on that night, Hannibal, had the following to say; "Turner is a viper. He's a great wrestler, very adept at cutting promo's and sure as hell knows how to get the crowd going. Be it for the worst or the better but after taking Terry Queens out the picture, I think Troy got a bit big for his boots. Yes, I kicked off and yes, I was angry about someone attempting to fucking kill me by dropping ten tonnes of electrical equipment and metal barring on me. Who wouldn't? I joined NEW in good faith that I'd get the send off I felt I deserved. If Blaine and Turner don't feel the same, then I'm not one to question them. But, respect or not, I am alive, I am well and for confirmation, Troy Turner is still an enormous fucking douchebag."

Other media

In 2002, shortly after reaching fame as a professional wrestler in Japan, Hannibal presented the NJPW's weekly TV show, broad casted for the American/European market. Most recently, Hannibal published his autobiography FUEL; The Hannibal Caine story, a self written memoir with a collection of stories from the road, the ring and countless unseen photos of Caine backstage with close friends, road agents and some former opponents. Other than with his music, Hannibal has attempted to do his best to stay out of the non wrestling limelight. Something that was truly displayed when earlier this year he was asked to guest star on an episode of the MTV 'reality' show Jersey Shore. Hannibal declined and said some thing to producers and writers that no one on Earth can happily repeat without fear of being sent to hell. When making a statement on his personal blog, Hannibal spoke about his experience with MTV and the possibility of becoming a bona fide reality star. "So, got asked to guest star on an episode of Jersey Shore this weekend. Apparently Snooki and her guido douchefag army were going to visit a local wrestling venue and try out the sport for themselves. I was asked to show them around, show them the ropes and possibily, if he stopped shitting himself for long enough get into the ring with 'The Situation'. Why did Sorrentino's parents name him that anyway? Is that how they felt when he fell outta momma Sorrentino? Fuck knows. Anyway, I told MTV they could go fuck themselves. The only time I want to be anywhere that bunch of talentless fucks is if I happen to be holding a gun. Made of grenades. Covered in anthrax."

Musical career


Hannibal on the cover of the summer 2009 issue of Classic Rock the star of a Monsters Of Rock special issue.

During his time wrestling, Hannibal also found time to form a thrash metal band, similar in style to bands like Slayer and Metallica, performing live shows and concerts whenever his wrestling schedule allowed him the free time. The band, named after an ancient holy prophecy was called, Vida Inferna which consisted of Michael Gunn on drums, Ricky Reynolds on bass and an old high school friend of Caine's Victor Crowley on backing guitar and vocals, with Caine himself singing and playing lead guitar. The band is still going strong to this day and have released three studio albums under the names of Vida Inferna, Four Horsemen and most recently, in January of 2009, Droptones. As well as a successful recording career as a performing artist, Hannibal is also known for having a hand in producing and mixing several metal records by up and coming American bands.

Hannibal has often cited, when asked, that when he finds himself bored of the wrestling business and needs to take time away to 'heal' or to 'train' it's often just to spend time with his band mates and tour. Nowadays, with his schedule freer than usual, he finds time to get the boys together and do small, private venues and minor shows in and around Texas. Mostly just for the enjoyment of being on stage again, as with his wrestling career, he has managed to amass a small fortune. One held very, very close to the chest.

Personal life


Debbie Jessica Meadows, Caine's pregnant fiancée and soon to be third wife.

Hannibal Caine dated Michelle Heartley throughout high school and the two married on November 24, 1990. His marriage to Heartley was quickly annulled on April 15th, 1991, when Heartley discovered that Caine had been perusing a relationship with Tanya Sampson, whom was managing Caine at the time. Despite this, the relationship fell apart as soon as they split up. Shortly after, Caine left the Japanese Wrestling Alliance and moved onto the Universal Fight League where he met his second wife, Amber Whiteley. Amber, at the time was part of UFL's production team and their acting manager of worldwide media. Amber and Hannibal soon became engaged and in 1997, after almost three years, as a couple were married in Texas, at the Caine family home. Amber and Hannibal had one daughter, Gemma, born in late 2005. Named after Hannibal's mother whom he had drifted from since his fathers arrest.

On June 1st 2006, both Gemma and Amber Caine perished when their car span off the road and plummeted off a bridge. Since, Hannibal has very much kept himself to himself, only associating with valet's and his father, whom later in his wrestling career, became his manager. Hannibal's father passed away during his absence from professional wrestling and when returning to the ring in 2009 to face Dexter Damage, Hannibal came alone. Despite being surrounded by friends such as Ander Carvetti and Johnny Holliday backstage beforehand. Since his father's passing, Hannibal has vowed that he will no longer be accompanied to the ring, seeing himself as something of a lone wolf; believing that without his father he is better off alone.

In mid 2009, after the supposed death of Hannibal, a young man, baring a resemblance to Caine surfaced in Texas at his funeral. When confronted by Ander Carvetti, the young man told Carvetti his name was Logan and that he was Hannibal’s biological son. Logan claimed to have been fathered by Hannibal whilst Caine was in Atlanta, touring with a professional wrestling organisation. Shortly before XFC folded, Logan vanished after clashing with known criminal Thomas Valiant.

In early 2010, it was announced, during the process of negotiating his NEW debut, that Hannibal was indeed engaged. Having been in a serious relationship for much of his time away from the ring. With an old friend from during his days as a younger professional wrestler. Debbie Meadows. Debbie was an aspiring model and tattoo artist when she and Caine first crossed paths and she has since developed into an entrepreneur and glamour model, owning several businesses including a tattoo parlour in Orange County, California, where both Caine and her reconnected. She is responsible for the several of the tattoo's that cover Caine's arms and shoulders/back. The two are set to marry late this year once Caine has dealt with the business he has left at NEW.

Championships & professional accomplishments

  • New-Japan Pro Wrestling
    • IWGP Heavyweight Champion (2 times)
  • Canadian Professional Wrestling
    • Canadian Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
    • Canadian Tag Team Champion (with Waylon Klebitz) (1 time)
  • Japanese Wrestling Alliance
    • Japanese International Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • World Wrestling Battlefield
    • International Championship (1 time)
  • Ultimate Internet Wrestling Federation
    • UiWF World Heavyweight Champion (Final) (1 time)
    • UiWF Television Champion (2 times)
    • UiWF European Champion (2 times)
    • UiWF World Tag Team Champion (with John Cena) (Undefeated) (1 time)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    • PWI Feud of the Year vs. The Dark Circle (2007-2008)
    • PWI ranked #15 of the top 500 singles wrestlers (2008)
    • PWI Match of the Year vs. Dexter Damage @ XFC XiAH (2009)
    • PWI Match of the Year vs. Mr. Showtime & Ander Carvetti @ NEW Vindication (2010)
    • PWI ranked #42 of the top 500 singles wrestlers (2010)
  • Miscellaneous Accomplishments
    • 2008 UiWF Royal Rumble, Royal Rumble match Runner up (2008)
    • 2008 UiWF Royal Rumble, Heavyweight Championship match Man of the Match (2008)
    • 2008 UiWF Royal Rumble, Royal Rumble match Man of the Match (2008)
    • Xtreme Fighting Championship Hall of Fame nominee (Class of 2009)

External links

  • UIWF Official Website
  • XFC Official Website
  • New Era Official Website
  • Parody Pro Official Website

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