Hardcore Global Wrestling
Debut Date January 1997
Headquarters Atlantic City, NJ
Owners/Creators Justin Henry
Operated By Justin Henry
Web Address Hardcore Global Wrestling

Hardcore Global Wrestling is an e-fed that was founded in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1997 by Justin Henry. The promotion ran from January 25, 1997 until September 12, 1998; for a second time from August 9, 2000 until October 7, 2006; and began for a third time on April 11, 2007. Up until April 11, 2007, the "G" in HGW stood for "Garbage", until a changeover was made to "Global" to signify a new era for the promotion.

Current Roster


Admiral Nate Brummer
Andrew Costeal
Anthony Graves
Cody Lennon
Crimson Beast
El Chupacabra
Eric Omega
Fast Freddy
Jack Diamond
Lewis Young
Mark Andrews
Maxx Magnum
Rich Ashley
Sean Bender
Travis King

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