HFW is an electronic based fantasy federation (or e-fed). It was founded on February 17th, 2000 by Jose Hernandez and has experienced continued success throughout its six year existence.

HFW monthly events are as follows for each month (the HFW year begins on February 17 of each year): SuperBrawl for January, No Remorse is February, AnXiety for March, CrucificTion for April, No Laughing Matter is May, Mortal Sinz in June, SunBurn is July, No Escape is August, Guilty as Charged in September, Halloween Curse is October, Anarchy Rules is November, and Below Zero is December.

Currently the HFW holds one weekly event on Thursdays, entitled Showdown.

As the HFW is a fantasy based electronic federation, it bases matches based on roleplays submitted by members of the federation. These members create and control a fantasy based character (or wrestler) who they then guide throughout their association with the federation.

Past championship titles the HFW has employed include the following: Heavyweight, XL, Slaughterhouse, Daredevil, Cage, Torture, Intense, Light Heavyweight, Latin, Hardcore, Rage, Woman's, Tag Team, Stable, Three-Man.

The HFW experienced a closure in 2004 after the website was "hacked" into and all important files were lost. But it made a comeback when Chairman, Jason Dex, returned in 2006 and brought back a notorious group of wrestlers known as L.O.W. HFW currently looks as if it will be open for a few months so if you're interested in efeds, you should give HFW a try. [[1]]

Current Roster

Andru Mace

The Admiral, Jason Dex





Christians Caos


Death Roades

Drake Walkins

Erik Carbonneau

Gary Tinordi


Hardcore Hammond



Jack Turner

John Mobes

Johnny Vain

Mad Dogg


Matt Glazebrook

Mr. Showtime


Scott Frost


Twisted Jack

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