Harlem Cena
[[Image:|px|Image of Harlem Cena]]
Real name Harlem Anothny Cena
Ring Names Harlem Cena
Height 6'4
Weight 245lbs
Date of birth June 23,1979(27)
Place of birth West New Berry Mass
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Resides West New Berry Mass
Billed from West New Berry Mass
Trainer John Cena, New Jack, Bret Hart.
Handled by Matt Ward
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Debut 2004
Retired 2012(Active Wrestling)

Harlem Cena was born in June 23 1979 in West New Berry Mass is American Professional Wrestler is a 2 time WGEF Tag Team Champion and a 16 Time Tag Team Championship combined they call him the Rick Flair of tag teams and he is currently working in many federations.


Harlem Cena was created in 2003 to help John Cena G-UNIT in the Federation WGEF, once Harlem left WGEF he went on to WWER where he met up with SVD and Lisa Janetty and the Franchise Shane Douglas. They form the Revolution which was one of the top stables and team in the WWER until the New World Order tried to take them out. It ended up the Revolution survive and the New World Order broke up. Then Harlem went on to WWEA where he met Regan Hyde and Jenna Mcmahon they created a power trio and Harlem ended leaving the federation due to some contract mis understanding at that time he was getting ready to open his first wrestling federation called H-C-WWE. in H-C-WWE he was the CEO as his friends were general managers. Then the fed closed down in late 2005. That when Harlem joined UWR and that were him and SVD feuded for a while until Harlem was attacked by SVD and Harlem Long time Rival Degeration X and that when the Revolution Took out Degeneration X as Harlem Left the company as a three time world Champion.


  • Lisa Jannety (WWER)
  • Regan Hyde (WWEA)
  • Nancy Piper (WGEF)
  • Kat Sanders (WGEF)
  • Kelly Steel(UTZ)
  • Jayeda Orlandos (UWE AND RXW)
  • Ally Johnson (J-C-WWE)
  • Kitty Granger (WBW)
  • Candice Michelle (FWAR)
  • Amanda Harris (UWR)
  • Tamara Jericho-Cena (IWF, TMWF)

Tag Partners

  • Cassidy(WGEF)
  • The Rock(WGEF)
  • SVD(WWER and WGEF)
  • John Warrinton(DXCW and IWF)
  • Jayceun Lorenzo (RXW)
  • Darren James
  • Matt Ward

Move List

  • Irish Whip
  • DDT
  • Neckbreaker
  • European Uppercut
  • Shoulder Tackle
  • Spinbuster Retrofied(Throwback)

Trademark Moves

  • Spinbuster Side Walk Slam
  • High Knee
  • Atomic Drop
  • Face Buster
  • Snake Eyes
  • Suplex


  • Cena Bomb(Batista Bomb)
  • Cena Friction(RKO)
  • My Ruling(Pedigree)
  • Ruckus(FU)

Theme Music

  • Unleashed by Sliva
  • I Tried by Bone Thugs and Akon
  • My time is now by John Cena
  • LAX Theme Song
  • Time To Play The Game By Motorhead
  • King of Kings By Motorhead
  • Right Now by John Cena
  • MNM Theme
  • Everything Burn By Ben Moody
  • Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy
  • Bring Me To The Life By Evenessence
  • Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold [Current]


  • The Animal
  • Latino Gangsta
  • The Cerbral Assain
  • Gangsta Rapper
  • Hollywood A Lister
  • Da King

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