Haven Paradox
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Haven Paradox is a tag team in professional wrestling and are currently under contract with Extreme Championship Fatal Wrestling (ECFW). Haven Paradox consists of Dean Remi and A.M., and their managers Ender Zax and Nori Evernor.


After weeks of looking for a promising wrestling promotion, Dean found the ECFW and soon found himself with an impressive win/loss record of 3-0. With a lack of direction, A.M. was brought in, along with Ender Zax and Nori Evernor to rid the ECFW of the Done Deal faction and others like them to make way for the new breed.

Wrestling facts

  • Simultaneous DDTs
  • Leg Sweep/ Leg Lariat
  • Top Rope Powerbomb/ Neckbreaker
  • Irish Whip/ Body Splash
  • Lift and Cutter
  • Figure Four Leg Lock and Chin Lock
  • Double STO
  • Double Powerbomb
  • Double Clothesline
  • Remi will often top rope powerbomb A.M. onto an opponent who is facing up

  • Entrance Themes Used
  • "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple (ECFW)
  • "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria (ECFW)
  • "Passenger" by Deftones ft. Maynard James Keenan (ECFW)

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