Hazel White
Real name Hazel White
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Height 5"8
Weight 125 lbs
Date of birth May 13, 1989 (20 years old)
Place of birth Toronto Ontario, Canada
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Hazel White (Born on May 13, 1989) is a Canadian singer/songwriter and gender equality activist. She is currently dating professional wrestler Matthew Cross.

History: Personal Life

Hazel's life got off to a socially slow start, but she would find things pinking up quickly the moment she entered High School.

1989-2000: Growing Up Hazel

On the morning of May 13, 1989, Hazel White was born to Martha and Leonard (Lenny) White, both of which made their living off of the farm they owned and lived on. Martha and Leonard didn't want to know if their child was going to be a boy or a girl claiming that they wanted to be surprised. When Martha finally gave birth and they saw that it was a girl, they were so overjoyed that it took them close to an hour to realize that they hadn't yet picked out a name for their baby. When Martha looked in Leonard's eyes she had a name right then and there, Hazel, named after her father's eyes.

Hazel never found school to be too much of a challenge, more often than not, she would finish and hand in her homework before class even ended. Her parents knew she was gifted, so when Hazel was six years old, they enrolled her in singing classes. After the first few weeks of the singing classes, Hazel would prove that singing was no real challenge for her either, it simply came naturally to her. She would remain in her singing classes for years.

Hazel was a natural born people pleaser, she never had to asked twice to do something around the farm when her parents needed it. She worked in the fields in between school and singing lessons, it was usually her job to make sure everything was coming in nicely, of course, her parents would always be over her shoulder to make sure.

By the age of ten, Hazel had become pretty much anti-social among her classmates, her parents and teachers were the only people she ever talked to simply because she didn't care to talk to anybody else. One day while she was at home, she came across her father's old acoustic guitar, she picked it up and sat down with it. Hazel strummed the guitar mindlessly, trying to figure out exactly how to play it, within ten minutes, Hazel had gotten the hang of it. Having the natural ear for music that she did, she was able to identify exactly what she was playing and ended up learning multiple songs just by listening to them.

2001-2003: Friends... Finally

Hazel graduated from the eighth grade at the top of her class when she was fourteen years old. During the Summer of that year, Hazel doubled up her singing classes. At some point or another during the Summer, she encountered "creative differences" with her singing instructor, causing Hazel to quit singing lessons. Towards the end of the Summer, Hazel wrote her first piece of music titled "Imagination." The song was writtin out of lonliness, Hazel felt as if nobody cared about her because she never had a true friend.


"So far, growing up has been colourful, especially for me... Hazel White."

In the last week of Summer, while on her way to a small town near-by, she met Ben Fuller. Ben had just finished his first year of high school and was on his way to register for another year of school when he crossed paths with Hazel, literally, they walked right into each other. After some friendly conversation, Hazel agreed to go with Ben to the school to register. On their way to the school, Ben brought up the fact that he played the guitar, to which Hazel replied, stating that she taught herself to play many years before. The two of them knew that they had something in common and exchanged phone numbers and addresses, each of them hoping to practice together.

The school year started and the first class Hazel found herself in was Math class, she had arrived to class early that day, how could she not? It was the first day. She sat down at the front of the classroom, over a timespan of five minutes, the room filled up quite fast. Hazel noticed that there were a lot of people just seeing their friends and sitting together, Hazel was sitting by herself at the front of the class. Fifteen minutes after class started, the sound of someone knocking on the door was heard. "Hazel, could you please get the door" hr math teacher asked her with the utmost manner. Hazel got up and answered the door, as she did she saw Matthew Cross, he immediately caught her eye as her eyes immediately caught him. Hazel, trying not to show her instant infatuation, turned around without saying a single word and returned to her desk. Matthew explained his tardyness to the teacher before being told to take the only available seat left, the one next to Hazel.

2003: Matthew Cross

For the first time in her life, Hazel started a conversation with someone who wasn't a family member, simply saying "hi" to Matthew. The two of them talked throughout the entire first math class of the year. The two of them shared their common interests in music.

After meeting inmath class, both Hazel and Matthew knew that they had a lot in common. They had the same interests in music and, wel, when you love music as much as these two did, nothing else really matters now does it?

Two weeks later, Hazel's other newfound friend, Ben Fuller transferred to her math class, he was reeating the class because he failed it last year. Due to other students transferring to other classes, Ben had o problem finding a seat right behind Matthew and Hazel.

On Ben's first day in the class, the teacher asked the class to split up into groups of three or four. It didn't take Hazel long to tell both Matthew Cross and Ben Fuller to form a group. The group assignment was simple, the students were to collect data on each other and record it, they were to record teir group members' sex, age, height and arm span. Hazel pressured her group to finish this particular assignment quickly for she wanted to introduce her two new friends to each other. Hazel had her group finish the assignment first out of the entire class, this gave her and her group time to sit down together and talk. "Ben, this is Matthew, he has eversingle AC/DC CD ever released", "Matthew, this is Ben, he's been playing the guitr for ten years now." To Hazel's delight, MAtthew and Ben got along perfectly and acted as if they were brothers, really strange brothers.

Over the next couple of weeks, Hazel would go to Ben's house immediately after school to play guitar together. Because Hazel's acoustic would be impossible to hear over Ben's electric, they took turns and alternated parts during the songs they played. The two of them went from simply "jamming" to listening to their favorite songs and learning them together. Eventually, they got to a point when they had a stack of CD's against the wall of Ben's garage, CD's that they had completely mastered the songs on.

One day, during one of their "jam" sessions, Ben told Hazel that he always wanted to be in a band and suggested that they start one. The problem they had was that they didn't know many other people who had any talent or who even wanted to be in a band. together, the two of them tried to think of people who would want to be part of their band, but they were constantly coming up with absolutely nothing.


"Matthew was something else, every day he found ways to out-do himself to try and impress me, and every day it worked. He's proof that you don't need lots of money and expensive things to sweep a girl off her feet, you just need to be yourself every single day. If you're really meant to be together, she'll be swept away simply because you are yourself"

Hazel went home that night and continued to think, she thought about what their band needed most, and that was a lead singer. After many hours thinking about who could possibly sing for their band, she decided to go out on a limb and ask the one person who would join the band without being asked twice. She called Matthew Cross that night, she wanted to get closer to Matthew, and she knew he wanted to get closer to him, so she assumed this would go over well, she assumed correct. "I don't know if I can sing, but i'll definately give it a shot" Matthew responded exactly the way Hazel thought he would, Matthew was now in the band.

The next day, Hazel met up with Ben at his house, she brought Matthew along with her. "Matthew, I can't believe we didn't think of him earlier" Ben was clearly excited, knowing that his band now had a vocalist. Ben wasn't going to let Matthew into the band easily, Ben wanted to listen to Matthew sing, this band may have been new and small, but it had standards. the three of them practised all night, playing all sorts of classic rock songs, at close to two in the morning, Ben informed Matthew that he was everything his band was looking for.

"All we ned now is a name, but not some stupid name like 'The Devils' or 'The Spitfires.' We need a name that describes us perfectly" Ben insisted as he continued drinking his can of Dr. Pepper. They clearly couldn't think of anything, absolutely nothing was coming to mind, that is until Ben released the biggest and nastiest burp right into Hazel's face. "BEN!!! God that's so rude." The three of them looked around at each other, all of them gleaming. "RUDE!!!" They shouted at the same time. This was a perfect name, a name they could all agree on. With this night, and that disgusting burp came the birth of RUDE.

RUDE was now officially a band, and the members of this band had to do what bands do, practice and rehearse. During the weekend of the same week they formed, Hazel called Matthew early in the morning and told him to meet her at Ben's house. Hazel could easily walk into town to Ben's house, but Matthew lived five miles away and rode his bike there, so it took him much more time to get there than it did for Hazel. When Hazel got to Ben's house, she waited outside for about fifteen minutes for MAtthew to arrive, when he did, the two of them went into Ben's garage, of course, shutting the door behind them.

Ben would always wake up in the morning and find Hazel and Matthew in his garage, they always had him under the impression that they were rehearsing music, but in reality, they would use this time simply to talk to each other. They chose to talk in Ben's garage simply for easy access to their practice area. They would show up on every weekend morning in Ben's garage, just talking to each other, waiting for Ben to get up so they could practice, RUDE always got as much practice in as they needed.

New Year's Eve had snuck up on Hazel and Matthew, it was December 30 and they hadn't made any plans to celebrate ringing in the new year. Ben had gone out with some old friends which led to Hazel calling Matthew up in the evening and asking him to meet her in Ben's garage. They spent the night in the garage together, since nobody was home in Ben's house, they took the television from the living room and moved it into the garage to watch the celebration on TV while they rehearsed. Matthew was constantly up and down, looking through Ben's CDs for songs to learn, he would also come up to Hazel and tell her that he wanted to learn love songs and male/female duets. Hazel thought it was sweet of Matthew but a bit strange at the same time, throughout the course of the night, they learned just about every influential love song and duet, including Meat Loaf's legandary hit "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." With ten minutes left before the new year, Matthew finally confessed to Hazel that he fell in love with her the moment they first saw each other in math class. Hazel told the story of this night in an interview and stated "Even then, Matthew was the best thing that ever happened to me. When he told me for the first time that he loved me, I was so shocked that I didn't even respond to him. I felt the same way, but I just didn't have the guts to say it, I just hugged him and that was probably one of the most memorable moments of my life." The clock struck midnight and what better way for Matthew and Hazel to celebrate, raid Ben's fridge and drink all of his Dr. Pepper of course. They stayed up in Ben's garage until dawn. Ben came home so drunk that he walked through the garage and didn't even notice Matthew and Hazel watching Price is Right.

2004: Special new Beginnings

(For more information on RUDE please visit Matthew Cross' page.)

Hazel had no problem balancing out school and RUDE so she often had a lot of time he either rehearse with her band or help the two less gifted in her band with their school work, work that she should probably be teaching to classes.

Not much was happening for RUDE, they may have only been a small garage band that played for the love of the music, but they still wanted people to hear what they had to offer. Since they didn't fit the description of a "Proper Band", people didn't really want to give them a chance, so for the next few months and throughout the Summer, they would simply hang out and rehearse. Occasionally, RUDE would make trips to downtown Toronto or the Spadina subway station to perform for change, they were teenagers and needed the money.

The Summer would find many instances where Matthew and Hazel would sneak out of their houses and creep the night together. Hazel still wasn't able to find the words to express how she feels about Matthew, but Matthew already knew, and continued to sweep Hazel off of her feet with romantic gestures.

As the Summer came to an end, Matthew, Hazel and Ben returned to school, this year, the members of RUDE found everybody to be much, much different. Somehow word had got out and around that Matthew, Ben and Hazel had formed a band, everybody who thought they had talent wanted to be a part of the band. They only found one person with talent, that person being Jerry Ashton. Jerry was a drummer and in his last year of high school, the members of RUDE all agreed that he was awesome at what he does. Jerry, however, had a problem, for some reason, he never talked, just laughed. During their first practice together, Jerry brought a friend alone with him, his friend was Bobby Blank, a bassist of three years. On this day, they gave Blank a tryout and agreed that he brought something unique to the band, and that's what RUDE was all about, innovation and creativity.

Hazel would ride home with Matthew every single day, Matthew showed her exactly what it's like to live in a sub-urban area as opposed to the wide open farm life she was used to. "I knew that Matthew wasn't trying to make me fall in love with the area he's from, he was trying to make me feel lucky for being able to live where I did. He made his neighborhood sound terrible." Matthew was always trying to get Hazel to realize how lucky she was to have grown up somewhere where there isn't something hectic going on every single day, somewhere where there is less stress on her family. "Matthew told me about his aunt and cousins who lived on a farm and how lucky he thought they were. His parents divorced because of the stress of everyday life, my parents have been happily married for twenty-two years. It wasn't until later on when he told me that that both his aunt and her husband died, leaving his three cousins orphaned."


"You just don't say no the the raving lunatic threatening to throw himself off the roof of a high rise."

One evening after RUDE had finished a small opening act early in the winter of 2004, Matthew and Hazel snuck into a twenty-two storey condominium and took the elevator up to the rooftop of the building. Once atop the building, Matthew and Hazel had an endless view of Toronto, beyond the houses and skyline was the sun, still a way's up in the sky, Matthew suggested that they watch the sunset. Hazel simply could not refuse, she could never say no to Matthew. They stood on the rooftop for a half hour, the sky had become a deep shade of orange and what was left of the sun was casting shadows over every building and house in sight. While they were watching the sun setting, MAtthew jumped up onto the raised ledge of the building, the ledge was about as wide as Matthew's foot is long. Matthew turned to face Hazel as Hazel screamed for him to get down. "Hazel, can you belive that we have been best friends for more than a year now? I tell you every day that I love you, I love you to death and you never say it back, I know you think it, Haze. A year now of me waking up every morning hoping you will say the same thing back to me. I don't want to wait any more Hazel, if I can't have you, then I don't want anything. I'll jump off of this building right now if you don't tell me that you love me." Hazel didn't even have a second of hesitation before pulling Matthew off of the ledge, they stood in front of each other eyes locked. "I love you, Matthew," Atop a high-rise building in front of the sunset, Hazel confessed her love for Matthew, the rest of the night is history.

Hazel had finally come clean about her long-time feelings toward Matthew, even if they were scared out of her, she still felt good about finally getting it out. Hazel was now living the life, the band she helped create was gaining more and more monentum each and every day, with the pending arrival of a second child, things at home were better than they ever were before, and she finally had Matthew, that was all she wanted.

The following week, it was back to Ben's garage to continue practicing and perfecting. Now having more than a full band, they voted that there wasn't room for two guitarists in the band, Hazel had her role in the band changed from guitarist to a special vocalist, that would sing songs better suited for a female's voice. When she sang, Hazel was unique, she grew up learning country songs, but after listening to Matthew's style of singing, she had naturally picked up the ability to meld the two styles together. Many people became fans of Hazel after hearing her unique style of singing.

In November, during a practice session, Hazel had come up with an idea. She told her bandmates that she heard of a small New Year's concert happening in the playground of a school downtown. Admission would be free, and the band wouldn't get paid to appear there, but it would be a good opportunity to get some exposure. Each band would have three songs of their choice to play. As a group, they decided that they would perform "That's the Way I Wanna Rock N' Roll" By AC/DC, "Piece of my Heart" by Janis Joplin and to close off their segment would be "Couldn't Have Said it Better" By Meat Loaf.

RUDE spent the next month and a half rehearsing and perfecting their segment for possibly their biggest show to date. During this time period, the band was having disagreements about how to go about each song. Ben and Billy wanted to make their final song sound more like a rock song than it originally did. Hazel on the other hand thought that by giving the song a country feel would be a more unique and over all better way to perform this particular song.

The band eventually settled their differences and went with Hazel's idea, MAtthew claimed that Hazel's idea would sound catchier and could possibly add another dimension to the band. By the time the New Year's concert came, RUDE was fully prepared to "tear the house down." They performed their set, the final song on the set "Couldn't Have Said it Better" would be performed as an acoustic duet featuring Hazel and MAtthew on vocals, as well as Hazel on her acoustic and Jerry on the drums. The song went over great with the crowd and RUDE received one of the best receptions of the night, many people organizing the show considered RUDE to be a "creative," "innovative," and "well-rounded" band. The members of RUDE would later join the fans in the crowd and watch the rest of the show from the ground. They rung in the new year with over five hundred fans of Rock, and about ten other bands that were performing that night.

2005: Rejected

Hazel had gotten her way on New Year's Eve, they performed her version of the song and pleased the crowd doing so. This however, caused turmoil within the band, Ben was jealous that Hazel's version went over so well with the crowd and he wasn't even part of it. Much the same could be said for Bobby Blank, except Bobby was also angry at Ben for allowing Hazel to have her way. The band had two weeks off from practice, but when they came in for practice in the second week of the new year, the tension erupted, Ben voiced his opinion about Hazel getting "special treatment" within the band. Hazel know that Ben was simply jealous because she was able to add a twist to a classic song that actually went over well with the crowd. Bobby however wasn't as reserved as Ben was, in fact, he had grown to even hate Hazel over this, going as far as to resort to name calling, calling Hazel "stupid bitch" and a "dirty c%*#sucker." Billy's words obviously upset Hazel, who had grown up extremely sensitive, but he didn't ruffle any feathers worse than he did to Matthew. Matthew got offended by Billy's words and ended up shoving him over a stack of boxes in Ben's garage. When Billy got up, a fight almost broke out between him and Matthew, but the two of them were quickly restrained by Jerry and Ben. Billy stormed out of the garage in anger as Ben kicked everybody else out.

RUDE was constantly trying to get practices to work out but there were problems, most notably, Hazel refused to go to pracice, not to mention, Billy had tension with everybody else in the band, expressing his disdain with Jerry's "stupid laughing." While the band practiced, Hazel would stay home and write music of her own, the music often reflected how she felt, and during this whole time, she felt as if the band she helped create had rejected her.


"I just wanted to help the band, I know what makes a good song, and there's a time and a place for everything. I had sat by that whole time working on other people's ideas, I wanted to see one of my ideas get put into action, and when it did it worked well. I just don't know what was so wrong with that."

The tension continued for nearly two months until Matthew showed up at Hazel's house after school, he told her that she should get to practice because the band had just arranged to play a show. Hazel felt as if she had an obligation to go to practice, there being a show and everything. What Hazel didn't know, however is that this wasn't a real practice and there wasn't really a show. The next day, Hazel showed up at Ben's house ot practice, when she got there, everybody seemed ready to play, however, the moment she setpped into the garage Matthew waved his hand up and yelled "I'M OUTTA HERE!!!" as he said this, Jerry stood up and walked over to Matthew. When questioned about what was going on, MAtthew explained that RUDE can't exist if everybody's fighting, so he and Jerry were leaving and not coming back until Hazel, Ben and Billy solved their problems.

Hazel was now left to work things out with two people who she was convinced didn't like her. The three of them decided to talk, throughout the whole two hour conversation, Hazel felt as if she was being ganged up on and singled out by Ben and Billy. When Hazel tried to explain her side of the story, Billy wouldn't let her speak, he kept blurting out insults, it got to a point where Ben had no choice but to intervene and put Billy in his place, simply saying "Sit down and shut your big mouth." When Hazel got to explain her side of the story, her and Ben agreed to leave what happened in the past, Billy even reluctantly made up with Ben, but refused to speak to Hazel.

With the band back together, and the tension as low as it was going to get, RUDE focussed more on opening up new genres of music to perform other than actually performing the music in front of a crowd. Matthew pitched the idea to start working on re-making historic punk songs, the band had never tried playing any old punk music so they were skeptical and even somewhat resistant to change. Hazel was the first to state that she liked Matthew's idea, the rest of the band slowly followed as they started on perfecting their first punk album... "God Save the Queen."

There wasn't much room within this new genre for Hazel to sing, and with her not being able to play the quitar either, she found herself once again away from practices. Hazel would continue using her free time to write her own music. She wrote music as a substitute for a journal, diary or blog, she expressed her feelings and emotions through her music, and she never showed it to anybody.

April was just ending and May was just beginning, every weekend, Hazel would make a trip to the city to vist the record store, she had a vast record collection and was at the store at least once a month to add some to her collection. While she was browsing she accidentally bumped into a woman who was also in the store looking around, when Hazel apologized to the woman, she gave Hazel advice on which records were in the best condition, which ones she would get the most of her money worth with. Hazel took the woman's advice and went around the store taking records off of the shelves to add to her collection. Hazel became edgy when the woman in the store was able to correctly predict that there was something wrong. "I take it you've been forced to leave a place that you love and you can't go back." Hazel, in utter shock, looked at the woman and questioned how she knew that, the woman simply replied "Your eyes gave it away." Hazel was now becoming weary of this woman, but she also felt as if they had something in common as well. After Hazel made her purchase, she left the store with the woman she met inside, once out on the street Hazel introduced herself to which the friendly, tattoo clad stranger replied "I'm Belle... Belle D’Aubigné."

Hazel and Belle talked for a long time, Hazel noticed that it was her striking all of the conversations between the two of them. By talking to Belle, Hazel realized that Belle had some deep problems within her, so she told Belle that she could come by the farm anytime she wanted if she needed to talk, Belle smiled kindly as Hazel stood up in front of the table they were sitting at in front of Starbucks, it was getting late and she had to be home.

Hazel sat at home for a few days after school, only getting to see Matthew in class or at lunch because he was too wrapped up in RUDE. it got to a point where Hazel would go home and worry about their relationship, she didn't want to lose Matthew, and she was worried that he'd forget her birthday, which was coming up in just three days. Hazel felt as if the band (Including Matthew) didn't want her around, they hadn't even called her up to ask if she wanted to hang out with them, they were just doing their own thing.

On the evening of May 12, Hazel went to bed upset, Matthew hadn't made any reference to her birthday, or even given her a call, she was so worried that she cried herself to sleep. Hazel woke up the next morning to a surprise, she could hear birds chirping outside, but she didn't open her window before she went to bed, she rolled over to see what had happened but she rolled over somethin in her bed that wasn't there before. She looked at what it was she rolled over, and it was Matthew, wide awake and laughing, repeating the words "Happy Birthday" to her. Hazel was so shocked that she didn't even show the proper emotion toward this. "I have a day, an evening and a night planned for us so we can't waste any time, C'Mon, it's your birthday, get dressed." Hazel was so excited that she got changed in near record time, Matthew led her out the front door of her house, her parents weren't around for they were out back in the fields. Outside of the farm was a car, Matthew led Hazel to the car, inside behind the wheel was Jerry Ashton. Jerry drove them to Canada's Wonderland where Matthew and Hazel enjoyed hours upon hours of fun. When they were done, Jery gave them a ride back into Toronto, to a familiar building, it was the same building that Matthew threatened to jump from, the same building where they shared their first kiss. Matthew took Hazel up to the roof of the building where there was a table set up with candles lit. They had fod served to them by the most unlikely of chefs, Ben Fuller and Bobby Blank (Who was still reluctant to be around Hazel). Ben, Bobby and Jerry all left together, giving MAtthew his time with Hazel, the two of them ate, talked and watched the stars together for most of the night before MAtthew called Jerry up and had him pick them up. They were brought back to Hazel's farm where Hazel and Matthew both snuck into the farm through her bedroom window. They spent the night sleeping together, and Hazel knew that Matthew really did care.

With the best birthday of her life behind her, Hazel was told that she was needed back at practice. She had been away from RUDE for so long that she had written a total of twelve songs, Hazel returned to practice, practice of course was just the usual same things it had always been, practicing, joking around and trying to figure out what was next for RUDE.


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