Wrestler's Name: Hector Ramirez

Height/Weight: 5ft 10, 253 Pounds

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Style of Wrestling: Ariel, Technical, Hardcore, Dirty

Finishing Moves: Huelga Final (Spring Board Tornado DDT) El Matador (Camel Clutch)

Entrance Style: Hector comes out with a motivated look on his face and comes down to the ring while shaking the hands of the fans in the front row. Upon entering the ring, Hector salutes the fans by posing on two of the turnbuckles then eagerly awaits his opponent. Hector wears ripped 3 quarter length jeans and a white vest to the ring.

Entrance Theme: The Documentary - The Game

Hector's Background: Hector grew up in a rough neighborhood, overrun by gangs, violence and crime. Hector didn't really know his mother as she died when he was only 2 years old. Hector was brought up by his father, who was part of one of the biggest gangs in Mexico City Los Nores. After his father died when he was 13, Hector was forced into becoming a gang member for his father’s former gang to pay off a debt that his father owed them. After many years of being a member of Los Nores, Hector was starting to enjoy being a gangster until he was seriously wounded in a shootout between rival gangs after being shot in the chest. Hector was lucky to survive and was taken to hospital where his only family left, his Uncle Sergio Ramirez took care of him. After being released from hospital, Hector moved to Tijuana Mexico where his Uncle taught him a new way to channel his anger: wrestling. Sergio taught Hector the many ways of both technical wrestling and Lucha Libre. Over the years Hector became very popular on the Mexican Indie scene using both what his Uncle taught him and what he learned from the streets in the ring. Hector eventually moved to San Diego, California and took the North American Indies by storm and now has decided to take his wrestling career to the next level by joining the WCSF.


25/02/2007: Hector Ramirez is signed to a WCSF Developmental Deal and is assigned to the WCSF Mayhem Roster.

08/03/2007: Nick Envy defeats Darcy Slater and Hector Ramirez in a Triple Threat Match on an edition of WCSF High Voltage.

28/03/2007: Hector Ramirez defeats Aaron J Gray in an edition of WCSF High Voltage.

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