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HellFire Extreme Wrestling (HFEW) is a fed run by CEO Jay Combs. We started in May and merged with UHWF in August. We are attempting a reopen and encourage RPers of any level.


  1. Roleplays must be at least ten lines long.
  2. We judge on the "quality over quanitity basis. i.e. if someone has a really good 20 line RP and someone else has a not so good 100 line rp, the 20 line would win.
  3. There is a 4 RP limit on our weekly show, Deathwish, and a 5 rp limit on PPVs unless certain criteria is discussed by competitors and staff.
  4. All non match RPs should be placed in the locker room.
  5. Promos can happen anywhere. Do not just have them happen in the ring. Set up stories.
  6. Have fun.
  1. OOC is just that "Out of Character" it is okay to refer to your character but do not say stuff like "X will kick your ass."
  2. Do not fight in OOC. Debating is ok but if you want to fight do it in PMs or request a match.
  3. Everyone needs to have a say in OOC. Just show us you are here to grow as a friend as well as E Wrestler.
  1. No more than 3 banners per person may be used.
  2. If you need a banner or avatar put it in the request area or PM ONLY. All others will not be made.
  3. No double posers. Before signing up please check the list.
  1. We have fully uncensored boards however, if people say f' this f' that, every other word this will change.
  2. No racial comments are allowed. Doing so will get you banned IMMEDIATELY no warnings.
Three Strike System
  1. We use a three strike system for no shows.
    1. Strike one - Warning in PM
    2. Strike two - one week suspension and a post in the boards will be made saying that you have one strike left.
    3. Strike three - Character is deleted. You will be welcome to rejoin after two months.

If you cannot RP let us know.

Championship History

HFEW World Heavyweight Title
  1. Nic Leone (First reign)
  2. Jeromy Goss (First Reign)
  3. Warrior (First Reign) - vacated due to personal reasons
  4. Nic Leone (Second Reign)
  5. Brittney - vacated due to merger
HFEW United States Title
  1. Lone
  2. Boris Magnum
  3. Lone - vacated due to merger
HFEW Hardcore Title
  1. Boris Magnum
  2. Whiplash
  3. Boris Magnum
  4. "Killa" Jay Combs
  5. Boris Magnum
  6. Nic Leone

combined with Xtreme Title to create X Division Title

Xtreme Title
  1. T-Roc (Tomas Montgomery)

combined with Hardcore Title to create X Division Title

HFEW X Division Title
  1. Bill Calvey - vacated due to contractual issues
HFEW Intercontinental Title
  1. Brittney - vacated due to low numbers
FEW Tag Titles
  1. Nic Leone and Jeromy Goss - vacated due to low numbers

Current Roster

  • "Killa" Jay Combs
  • Lone
  • Whiplash


  • Owner: "Killa" Jay Combs
  • GM of Deathwish: Boris Magnum
  • Editor of HFEW Magazine: Lone

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