HellFire Wrestling (HfW)


Originally Opened In August 2004 by its owner Lex "The Show" Gambrowski, HellFire ran for a year before it was destroyed in an act of malice by its owner. The show had suffered with its staff. Numerous members of the staff would be no shows for matches which were vital to the show's survival and the fans were not pleased. HellFire Wrestling was considered to be the only federation where a complete match a night would be the best that could be expected. Staff turn over was extremely high and the federation retained only 5 lasting wrestlers. Throughout its existence HellFire struggled to be a major player in the wrestling raitings slot, but their central location in Las Vegas made for little to no interest from people outside of even Reno county.


HellFire Wrestling boasted 5 major titles and each one was designed to be individual and important in it's own way.

------ The HellFire Championship
Last Held By : Trent "The Bomber" Strayner
Times Held : 2

The Grand Championship could only be won by a sanctioned match and only if the carrier did not also have the XCW International Title. It could not be won by DQ.

------ The HellFire Tag Team Championships
Last Held By : Trent "The Bomber" Strayner | Enigma
Times Held : 1

The tag team titles could only be won in a sanctioned match and could not be won by DQ.

------ The XCW International Title
Last Held By : Trent "The Bomber" Strayner
Times Held : 1

The XCW International Title was a title stolen by Frank "Cameraman" Lee when he left XCW. The title became a method of choosing who would be able to challenge for the HellFire Championship. The XCW Title may only be won in a sanctioned match. It may be won via DQ, however.

------ The ToP Title
Last Held By : Jeff Blade
Times Held : 1

The Top Title is the truest definition of 24/7. Anytime 2 wrestlers (one of which must hold the ToP title) and a refree are in the same area as each other a pinfall count must start the moment either person is pinned. There is no way to be DQed in a TOP Title Match.

------ The Mark Of Failure
Last Held By : N/A
Times Held : 0

This title was brought into existence only a few days before the Federation was destroyed. It was Lex's last attempt to motivate his wrestlers. The Mark could only be passed on to someone who lost a match to someone with the Mark. Anyone with the Mark could pin someone at any time a refree was present to attempt to lose the Mark, similar to the ToP title, only in reverse.

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