Hell Reborn
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Faction Name Hell Reborn
Time open November 6, 2006 - Present
Members Kris Kutter (November 6, 2006)

Alex Ash(November 6, 2006)
Raven Thorn (November 6, 2006)

Hell Reborn is a stable within High Profile Wrestling consisting of Kris Kutter, Alex Ash and Raven Thorn. The team is best known for its feud with the tag team Tomorrow's Kid and it's somewhat satanic gimmick.


On the debut episode of Monday Night Unleashed, Kris Kutter cut a promo announcing he was building a hellish army to take over HPW. It was during this promo that he announced the first member of his army, Alex Ash. The duo faced Brandon Brooks and Seth Holloway later that night for the vacant HPW Tag Team Championships. A third member in Raven Thorn was introduced, when the young woman stopped Ash from possibly ending the careers of their opponents. The team would go on to win the titles, losing them to Brooks and Holloway the next week.

Domination of HPW

After losing the titles, Kutter would go on to face Collision Course member Kaped Crusader. The Crusader would encounter Kutter's meeker personality in Chris Morgan, embarrassing the groub leader and causing the violent and sadistic Kutter to attack the super hero with a baseball bat. This would lead to a six-person mixed tag match between the two teams at the November to Remember PPV, which Hell Reborn won.


After defeating the two main teams on Unleashed, all three members of the group were moved to the new brand, UPRISE. It was there that Hell Reborn would begin its high-profile feud with the Extreme Tag Team Champions, Tomorrow's Kid. Both Kutter and Ash would pick up singles victories over James Marrow and JKB Kid, followed by a tag team victory the next week. This would lead to a title match at Insurextion, which saw Hell Reborn dominate the tag team champs. Hell Reborn ultimately came up short in their quest for the gold when Kutter would be knocked out by a Brain Damage off a ladder and onto a steel chair, forcing Chris Morgan back into control. Morgan would abandon Ash, who lost the match but left both Kid and Marrow bloody and barely moving. After the PPV, High Profile Wrestling would close.

Championships and accomplishments

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